Jade Green Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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  • A sophisticated blend of grays and greens

  • Charismatic, non-uniform style

  • Formed from long-lasting slate

  • Practical finish provides a natural look and traction

  • Versatile application allows for use indoors and outside

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Product Info

    Jade Green slate tiles grab your attention straight away with their subtle grays and undertones of green. It isn't just uniform gray on offer with this tile though, you also get the whole spectrum of shades, from earthy stone to cool grays. The non-uniform style means each tile is unique, promising character and charm.

    But there is more on offer with this tile than a rugged design. You also get one of the most durable and hardwearing stones, slate. Slate is actually a fine-grained rock formed from the alteration of shale or mudstone. And if you're looking for longevity then look no further. The long-lasting infrastructure means the Jade Green slate tiles will be at home in heavy traffic areas, including kitchens and outdoor spaces.

    These Jade Green slate tiles come with organically formed, textural finish. Firstly, you get a gauged back. This means the tiles have been carefully shaped and leveled so they're a similar thickness. As a result, these tiles can be fitted inside with ease.

    But, most importantly, you also get a natural cleft face. This means the surface of the tile has been, for the most part, left alone. As a result, you get all the grooves and edges that have naturally developed. That rough texture also brings with it traction, making it far less slippery than some other finishes, making it ideal for bathrooms and floors.

    In addition, the naturally craggy texture means any marks and scratches won't be quite so visible. So, if you have a house that has to survive against young children and pets, these slate tiles may well be a sensible choice.

    Jade Green slate tiles can help you to build a number of contemporary looks. They look brilliant as a row of tiles across a wall in a bathroom, where the rest of the walls, bathtub, and sink are white.

    They're also a great fit for kitchens. In particular, if you have white cabinets and a stainless-steel cooker, Jade Green tiles make for an awesome backsplash. Furthermore, they can serve a purpose in living rooms or hallways. They make for an impressive monochrome effect if you have walls in white or dark gray Jade Green slate tiles for flooring.

    Lastly, why not use these slates outside? They are built from a durable stone, so you know they will stand the test of time. Use these tiles to border your outdoor swimming pool or to encompass your barbecue. The natural cleft face is perfect for such outdoor uses, bringing otherwise mundane spaces into the 21st century.