Sea Grass Limestone Tile - Polished

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  • Gray and beige stone with tiny fossils littered across its surface

  • Naturally irregular pattern

  • Hardwearing stone

  • Suitable for a range of locations

  • Polished finish for a refined style

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Product Info

    Soft shades of gray and beige blend together to create this stunning Sea Grass limestone. Just as any natural material, this earthy stone is irregular in both shade and pattern. Its surface is littered with aquatic sea life and plant fossils, a product of its formation. This rustic stone is created by the build-up of minerals and debris at the bottom of a body of water such as a lake, river, or ocean. The water's past life is captured within the stone, preserving that point in history and retelling the story through the tile's surface.

    Limestone makes a great flooring tile because of its hardwearing and durable qualities. It is suitable for high traffic locations, including hallways and kitchens and is incredibly sturdy. In fact, many limestone structures that were built generations ago are still in existence, a testament to the endurance of this natural material. But don't let our suggestions restrict you, limestone can also be used to clad feature walls, create shower areas, kitchen backsplashes, and more.

    Limestone has a slightly porous surface, and therefore many decide to seal the stone after application. This is a great option for those who wish to extend the tile's lifespan as it can protect against staining and moisture damage.

    These tiles have a beautiful polished finish. A stunning effect that highlights the stone's unique pattern. The slabs of rock are ground down to a smooth, silky surface, and then buffed until a shine is revealed. This glossy sheen captures the light and catapults it to all corners of a room. Just like a mirror, it creates the feeling of spaciousness in a room, making even the smallest and darkest of bathrooms feel light and airy.

    Furthermore, a polished finish enhances the stone's natural pattern. The tiny fossils within the stone are clarified, allowing its history to shine through. This is a stunning finish whose refined surface offers superior design.

    Finally, a polished finish has a handy practical advantage in terms of maintenance. The glossy surface is easily wiped clean as there are no grooves, ridges, or even any subtle texture to catch the dirt. This makes your regular cleaning a breeze.

    Sea Grass limestone is beautifully subtle with a stunning natural design. It works perfectly in a bathroom setting as a shower wall tile or sink backsplash. Embrace the stone's natural origins by pairing it with wooden textures such as driftwood. You'll create a timeless nautical design that works so well set amongst the running water of your shower or faucets.

    Alternatively, use it to create an entrance hall with style. Incorporate white walls and antique wooden furniture for a sumptuously traditional design.