Amber Gold Quartzite Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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Also known as Desert Gold or Golden Ray
  • A subtle, soft golden toned quartzite

  • No two tiles are the same with a stark variation in pattern and texture

  • A natural cleft face retaining the stone's grooves and ridges

  • A gauged back to ease application

  • Great for use on flooring, walls, doorsteps, and backsplashes

  • Suitable for exterior application

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Walls / Backsplashes
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Product Info

    A cool-toned golden quartzite, Amber Gold is a balanced blend of a rugged and beautiful. It's a softer, subtler quartzite than the traditional harsh metallic rock seen on the side of a mountain. It is non-uniform and highly irregular with a combination of gray, brown and orange tones. Some tiles are lightly speckled, others have large veins cutting through the tile, ideal for creating that earthy, natural stone design.

    Quartzite is a fine-grained metamorphic rock, formed by layers of substrate compacting under the earth's surface. It takes a perfect balance of the correct minerals, pressure, and temperature to form an Amber Gold with such beautiful color tones and a hardy texture.

    Incredibly versatile, quartzite is used in a variety of applications. From highly practical rooftops and garden patios, to purely decorative kitchen walls and bathrooms, its uses are limitless. It's a durable stone often used where wear and tear are likely. Quartzite is famously resilient and more than capable of lasting years inside the home, even in high traffic areas.

    This Amber Gold tile has a natural cleft face, complementing the stone's jagged texture. It is cleaved into flat sheets, gently leveled and cut into shape, with its grooves and ridges still intact.

    This is a finish designed not just for style, but also for practical reasons. The surface of the stone is fairly slip-resistant with its natural grooves giving enough traction to reduce the likelihood of falls, even while the tile is wet. This makes it great for use on patios as well as kitchen and bathroom floors.

    It's also a super-resilient finish, known for its durability. The surface of the tile is not dulled or worn down over time like a more refined finish can be. This makes it low-maintenance, and great for those looking for a long-term design solution.

    The back of the tile has a gauged surface. It is leveled for ease of application, making it suitable for interior as well as exterior uses.

    Amber Gold is a subtle and demure, ideal for creating gorgeous country-style kitchens, natural bathrooms, and earthy garden patios.