Indian Juparana Light Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Pink, gray and black tones

  • Small crystals within the stone

  • Hard-wearing granite

  • Perfect for busy family environments as it does not stain easily

  • Makes perfect countertops, walls, and floors

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Product Info

    Indian Juparana granite, widely described as pink granite, is a gorgeous blend of gray and pink tones. As its name suggests, it is quarried in India and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful tonal granites on the market. Non-uniform in pattern, the stone seems as if it's been swirled with color, creating a stunning sweeping effect. Small crystals are formed within the stone breaking the color intensity to show subtle tones rather than vivid streaks.

    This igneous rock is formed from the slow crystallization of magma below the earth's surface. The color pattern is this particular strain shows the gorgeous bubbling that takes place in the extreme heat of molten rock.

    As with all granites, Indian Juparana is highly durable and hard-wearing. It is incredibly easy to maintain and does not stain. This makes it perfect for use in a lively household where knocks and spills are common. It is suitable for use as flooring in all areas of the home, even those that are likely to experience high levels of traffic. But its most popular use is for countertops, backsplashes, walls, and other decorative purposes. 

    Our Indian Juparana Granite tiles are ground down to a perfectly smooth flat surface, then highly buffed to create a perfect glossy sheen. The effect is mirror-like and striking. As the light bounces off the stone, it brings out the various shades of pink, gray, black and white within the tile. Each hue is highlighted to its full potential. While the pale tones are brightened, they contrast perfectly with the enriched and deepened gray and black tones.

    The reflective face brings brightness and space to even the smallest of rooms, making it a popular choice for those who want to maximize their home's assets.

    Dark gray and black undertones within the Indian Juparana granite can be paired with dark tones in the surrounding furniture. They complement each other perfectly, highlighting one another's tonal depth.

    If you're looking to match Indian Juparana with pale cabinets, its best to look at the stone itself to see which shades will match. Pale grays tend to pair well as this is a shade held by the stone. Since gray is the color of the moment, Indian Juparana is seeing its popularity on the rise. Accentuate the darker tones with metallic accents, and you have yourself an up-to-the-minute home with a design edge.

    If you're looking for a stone that is hardwearing, and durable, just as any granite, but want an interesting color edge, you'll find this in Juparana pink granite.