Jura Beige Limestone Tile - Honed

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  • Rich beige with lighter cream mottling

  • Small fossils and shell trapped in the stone’s surface

  • Contemporary, matte, honed finish

  • Highly durable stone made for high traffic areas

  • Great for countertops, walls, and flooring

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Product Info

    Jura Beige is a highly prized Bavarian limestone. A famously rich and creamy beige with a slight golden mottled effect running throughout. Jura Beige is one of the most popular limestones around – and for good reason.
    Its surface is littered with tiny ammonites and other fossils, trapped within the stone during its formation. The effect is highly unique, no tile will look the same as the next. You’ll have your very own piece of history in your home.
    Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed by layers of minerals compacting over a period of millions of years. The final effect is a soft, sandy colored stone, which is surprisingly durable. It has long been used as an interior floor tile because of its ability to stand up to high levels of traffic. Once sealed, it is fairly resistant to staining, staying beautiful for years to come. It requires only very little maintenance to keep it looking its best – ideal for those with a busy family lifestyle.

    The surface of this tile is honed. A satin, matte effect achieved by grinding the rock to a beautifully smooth surface. Any bump, ridges or original texture are removed from the stone. This creates the ultimate contemporary look.
    It’s also a highly durable finish. A polished tile may require a little upkeep to maintain its gloss effect. With a matte finish, high levels of traffic will not dull its surface. This makes it a great stone for use in areas of high footfall such as hallways and kitchens. The stone also has certain traction to it, helping to prevent slips and falls.

    Jura Beige is a highly popular stone partly due to its design versatility. Its neutral, warm tones are great paired with natural materials such as wood and cotton, creating an earthy look. The tiny fossils within the stone pair perfectly with this design, it’s as if the outside has been brought in.

    The rich beige will also work beautifully with dark wooden furniture creating a luxurious and traditional interior. Jura beige is famous for bringing high-end design to home – and these tiles will help you achieve just that.