Absolute Black Standard Granite Tile - Polished

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2.25 sqft per tile.
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Also referred to as Absolut Black.
  • A jet black

  • Little mineral deposit, giving a uniform color

  • Shiny and buffed polished finish

  • Looks great on countertops, walls and splash backs

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Product Info

    Absolute Black is the deepest, truest black you will find. Widely regarded as the 'best black' there is, you'll be hard-pressed finding a stone which will match the richness and opulence of absolute. Often known by other names, including Jet Black granite or Nero Absolute, it's clear that the stone is unique in its color, enchantingly dark, giving a feeling of depth.

    Hailing from quarries in Southern India, this is a stone which is rarely matched for uniformity and versatility. Evidence of mineral deposits or crystals within the stone are minimal, perfect for achieving that monochrome effect.

    What makes this stone so popular is the little variation within each black. You generally know what you'll be getting with Absolute Black Granite.

    The Standard variety is more value-orientedso it‘ has slightly more mineral deposits causing it to be a shade less black than the Non-Standard variety.

    This is a stone which will make a great investment. It is highly durable, and hardwearing, meaning that in years to come, you can expect to see the same flawless finish as on the day of purchase. Whether your home is a busy family environment, needing a stone which will look timeless through the years, or if you're looking for a high-end feel, these tiles deliver.

    Glossy, and mirror-like, these polished tiles are ground to a smooth surface and then buffed until brilliantly shiny. The finish reflects light in the same way as the surface of a still pond, making your home feel spacious and bright.

    The polished tiles bring a high-end design element to your home. Contrast their shine with matte cabinets and brushed metallic accents, and you've got yourself a truly elegant finish.

    The buffed stone looks spectacular, however, it can be slippery when wet and its shine can become muted with overuse. Therefore this luxurious polished stone is reserved for countertops, walls and splash backs which will not see high levels of traffic.

    The classic look of brilliant black with a mirror-shine surface is popular in kitchens the world over. With little variation in its coloring, you can be sure that its shades will match perfectly with the rest of your decor.

    If you're looking for a timeless stone, which will pair beautifully with the modern, and traditional, then Absolute Black cannot be matched. 

    Large polished tiles create a uniform effect making any home seem spacious.