Gold Travertine Tile - Honed
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  • Rich, golden orange stone

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  • Practical and functional flooring tile

  • Honed finish for a soft, muted design

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Product Info

    A rich and luxurious orange and brown, Gold travertine is reminiscent of Tuscan villas. Its warm and inviting color tones are boldly interrupted with brown and cream veining, giving the stone a unique pattern that only a true natural stone can achieve. Totally irregular and utterly charming, Gold travertine is the perfect stone for creating a cozy and homely environment.

    Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed when minerals and sediment are dissolved in a body of water and deposit to form a hardened rock. It's an incredibly hardwearing stone that has long been used for interior decoration due to its ability to stand the test of time. It has famously been used in numerous historical structures such as the Colosseum in Rome - one of the oldest surviving constructions today, a testament to its durability.

    Whilst travertine is incredibly dense and heavy, making it feel luxuriously expensive, it's actually great value for money compared to a granite or marble tile. With travertine, you get all the benefits of a natural stone installation, without the large price tag that comes with some materials. This makes it ideal for large homes or businesses that require a worthy investment.

    This Gold travertine has been ground down to a perfectly smooth surface. The effect is a matte, satin texture and is known as a honed finish. If you're looking for an understated tiling solution, a honed finish is ideal. It has a muted surface that leaves a subtle glow when light reaches it, rather than a harsh reflection. This is ideal for creating a warm and inviting home that will feel cozy and luxurious.

    A honed finish comes with a number of practical benefits alongside its gorgeous design. Firstly, it's perfect for use as flooring in a bathroom or kitchen because of the tile's traction. Where some stones can become slippery when wet, a honed finish has an innate grip to it that makes it suitable for most flooring locations.

    In terms of durability, a honed finish is up there with the best. Its matte surface cannot become dull over time, like some finishes can. This means wear and tear will not drastically impair the tile's appearance. A regular clean and sporadic sealant top-up will be sufficient to maintain the stone for years to come.

    The warm color palette and subtle, natural pattern make Gold travertine an elegant stone. Take hints from its creamy notes with a neutral colored wall, just add matching textiles to continue that understated, homely feel. If you're looking to achieve a more masculine interior, incorporate dark brown leather and wooden furniture to add design depth. Go for art deco style accessories to emphasize the tile's classic qualities and leave your home looking totally put-together.