Artic Beach - Matte

13" x 13" x 1/4" Porcelain Tile

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Tell me about the stone


This Artic Beach Porcelain tile is created in a warm beige tone. It has a slightly mottled effect emulating the pattern on a naturally formed stone such as limestone. It is subtle and demure - the perfect tile for a building needing great value for money, and versatile design potential.


Porcelain tiles are made by firing clay and other naturally occurring minerals in a kiln until they become hard. This process creates a tile which is seriously hardwearing. Compared to ceramic, a porcelain tile is made using a more refined and purified clay. This, alongside the extremely high temperatures used, creates a harder, more durable tile.


Porcelain also has an advantage in its resistance to temperature changes. It has a low moisture absorption rate, meaning its ability to freeze and thaw without cracking is strong.


Tell me about the tile’s finish  


This Artic Beach porcelain tile comes with a matte finish. This replicates a stone’s natural texture when ground down to a flat surface.


The matte effect is great for high traffic areas of the home such as kitchens or hallways because the finish cannot be dulled by overuse. Your tile will maintain its effect in years to come. It really is great value for money in terms of the tile’s longevity. It’s also great for flooring as it provides traction. Even when wet the tile has slip resistance, unlike those with a polished finish.


What overall look can I achieve?


If you’re looking to replicate the natural effect of a stone tile within a budget, these Artic Beach Porcelain tiles are perfect. Their neutral and mottled coloring looks like a subtle limestone and has the design versatility to match. Pair it with almost any décor and these tiles will blend seamlessly. From kitchen flooring and splashbacks to tiled bathroom walls and showers, there really is no end to this tile’s potential.


These Artic Beach porcelain tiles are 13" x 13" x 1/4" in dimension. A great size for small, downstairs bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks or for adding a design element to flooring.


Features at a glance

  • Rich and creamy beige coloring
  • Slightly mottled giving a natural stone effect
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Even suitable for freezing conditions
  • Perfect for high traffic areas within the home
  • Makes great flooring, walls or kitchen splashbacks
  • Great value for money
  • Comes in the size 13" x 13" x 1/4", small and squared



Unit Sqft
Type Tile


Walls / BacksplashesYes
Freezing ConditionsYes

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