Autumn - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

12" x 12" x 3/8" - 1/2" Slate Tile

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Tell me about the stone


Autumn slate is the ultimate value for money if you’re looking for a colored slate tile. Its bold orange, red, tan and gray color palette is like a watercolor painting created by nature itself. Its mix of warm and cool tones creates vibrancy within such a classic stone. Give your home the makeover it’s been needing - for a great price - with our Autumn slate.


Slate is naturally fine-grained. Its layered metamorphic creation results in a smooth swirling pattern, with no crystals or crisp veins. Each tile is totally unique – you will never find another one like it. Some tiles are speckled gray with only a splattering of Fall coloring, others are almost solely red and orange.


Famed for its versatility, slate can be used for almost any application inside the home and out. Some types of slate are used to protect buildings from the elements, hidden upon roofs. However, Autumn slate’s exciting color palette means it is reserved for areas of the home and garden that need a visual lift.


Tell me about the tile’s finish


Slate’s natural texture is rugged, with refined grooves and ridges that link each layer together. Therefore, it needs a finish that will celebrate these qualities, bringing out the best in this earthy stone. This tile has a natural cleft face which retains the rock’s natural bumpy surface.


It’s a great finish for a busy home environment because of its incredible durability. A natural cleft finish is not damaged or worn down by prolonged wear and tear, only blending in deeper with its surroundings over the years. It’s a low maintenance effect, that just needs the occasional clean with a pH neutral cleanser to keep it looking its best. Its uneven color palette hides the dirt well, making it great for those who need a convenient tiling solution.


The back of the tile is gauged. This makes it great for interior uses, as well as out because it can be uniformly laid.


What overall look will I achieve?


The overall effect of an Autumn slate tile is a back-to-nature earthy vibe. Imagine beautifully clad chimneys and fireplaces, creating that luxury country lodge design. But it also has incredible versatility. Use it on kitchen floors for a sturdy, warm and cozy home, or outside in your garden for a rugged patio, ideal for those bright summer evenings.


Features at a glance

  • Bright, multi-colored Autumnal tones
  • Highly irregular pattern, each tile is totally unique
  • Durable stone, hardwearing in nature
  • Natural cleft face – a rugged stony texture
  • Gauged back for uniform application
  • 12" x 12" x 3/8" - 1/2" in dimension



FinishNatural Cleft Face with Gauged Back
Unit Sqft
Type Tile


Walls / BacksplashesYes
Freezing ConditionsNo

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