Black Stallion Limestone Tile - Brushed

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2 sqft per tile.

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  • Completely black color tone

  • Consistent pattern throughout with no large veins or crystals

  • Brushed finish for a rustic, antique look

  • Natural pits and holes in the stone are retained

  • Soft stone underfoot, yet incredibly durable and functional

  • Great value for money

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Product Info

    Black Stallion Limestone is one of the deepest black tones found in a natural stone. Its color is highly consistent throughout the tile, with no crystals of veins to pierce its uniformity. Black Stallion is the ideal tile if you're looking for a combination of great value for money, natural stone texture, and a deep, rich black.

    Limestone is formed under a body of water and requires certain conditions to be created. Firstly, there must be an accumulation of layers of sediment including shells, coral, and algae. The high pressure from the water above compacts the minerals below, cementing them together to form a hard stone. Often evidence of its formation is trapped within the stone in the form of tiny fossils of sea life, a nod to its previous life at great depths.

    While limestone is naturally porous, the right sealant can ensure its durability, making it moisture resistant and long-lasting. Unlike some of the harder stones on the market, limestone feels relatively soft underfoot. For this reason, it's great for flooring, even in high traffic areas of the home.

    To give it an authentic 'aged' appearance, this tile has been brushed. This is created by initially carving the stone to a flat, level surface. Then, using a wire brush, the surface is scraped and buffed, creating a 'worn-down effect which makes the stone appear as if it is antique. The tile's face still retains pits and holes which naturally occur in the stone, leaving its natural stony texture in place.

    Just like a reclaimed tile, it has a dullness to its surface, adding to its rustic nature. This makes it the perfect finish in terms of durability. Such a tile does not require maintenance to keep it looking its best, but instead, prolonged periods of use add authenticity to its effect.

    It's also great for use on flooring because the textured surface brings with it a certain slip-resistance. The brushed effect with its dents and holes provides enough grip to prevent falls. This makes it the perfect tiling solution for a busy family environment requiring functionality, as well as design.

    Black Stallion limestone has incredible design versatility. Its monochrome surface can be paired with almost any design, from the super modern to the cozy and traditional. Add white gloss kitchen units and a dark wooden countertop for a high-end eclectic loft feel.

    Its 'aged' surface means it blends beautifully with even the most adventurous designs, helping you to achieve the look of expensive, reclaimed barn flagstones, but for a fraction of the price.