China Sea Green Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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  • Light gray slate with a green undertone

  • Beautiful pattern

  • Ideal for flooring in all locations

  • Also suitable for walls, backsplashes, and more

  • Natural cleft face for a rugged texture

  • Gauged back for level application

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Product Info

    Just like looking into the depths of the murky ocean, our China Sea Green Slate tiles are captivatingly beautiful. Their delicate pattern is like the light catching the crests of rippling water - irregular, natural, and strangely calming. They have a pale gray hue with a slightly green undertone. Unique enough that they'll set your design apart from others, but versatile enough to pair with a vast array of designs. There's no doubt this incredible stone will give your home the lift you're searching for.

    If you're looking for a balance of durability and style, slate is one of the best options around. It is known for its hardwearing nature and its ability to resist even the harshest weather conditions. In particular, slate has a very low porosity, which is why it has made its name as a classic roof tile, helping to protect buildings from stormy weather for generations.

    Inside your home, its ideal for use as flooring, walls, backsplashes, and more. It can even be used in the highest traffic locations, including kitchens and hallways. Like most natural stones, internally installed tiles should be sealed with a stone protectant. This will enrich their color and help protect them against potential stains.

    One of slate's best features is its rugged texture, so a natural cleft face is one of the most popular finishes we offer. While most tile finishes involve a refinement process, a natural cleft face is merely the stone's original texture once it has been split along its fault lines. Any bumps and grooves that are found on its surface are retained, creating a rustic, rugged effect.

    Those who select this finish often do so for its design, but the functional advantages of a natural cleft face should not be overlooked. For example, a roughly textured surface has a higher level of slip resistance than a more refined surface, making it ideal for flooring, especially in family homes where slippery socks could end in disaster.

    It is also a suitably low-maintenance solution. The rugged surface does not need any upkeep other than a regular clean and sealant top up. This helps to keep costs down in the long run, making it a worthy investment.

    Our China Sea Green Slate tiles are the perfect balance of natural colors and textures. It's ideal for creating a contemporary industrial kitchen, Scandinavian bathroom, or rustic country entrance hall. To emphasize its natural origins, pair with other pared-back, simple accessories, for example, metallic hints, green potted plants, or concrete tea light holders.