Flannel Limestone Tile - Brushed

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2 sqft per tile.

5 tiles per box.
  • Brown-gray stone with a subtle mottled effect

  • Irregular pattern adding to the stone's rustic charm

  • Ideal for flooring in both interior and exterior applications

  • Can be used to create feature walls and backsplashes

  • Brushed finish for functionality as well as design

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Product Info

    Flannel limestone is an understated gray-brown color. It's ideal for blending in with almost any design as it neutral coloring can be paired with both modern and traditional interiors. Each tile has a subtle horizontal mottled pattern in a darker brown which adds to the stone's rustic charm. This creates a natural look that gives your tile design edge. Each tile is unique with its own original pattern. You'll never find two stones identical, meaning you'll have your own piece of the wild and wonderful earth inside your home.

    Limestone is a great flooring tile but also works well as a feature or backsplash. It is a relatively soft stone which feels gentle underfoot. This makes an interior feel warm and homely where some harder stones can feel harsh and craggy. Whilst this is great in terms of design, it does mean that limestone must be sealed with a stone protectant upon installation, a very common process which ensures the stone against moisture damage and staining. It is suitably resistant to scratches and is perfect for almost any application throughout the home.

    The surface of this tile has been combed with a wire brush to create a slightly rough texture. Although the tile is level, it has a fine-grained surface with evidence of tiny grooves where the natural texture of the stone is showing through. Unlike an antique or reclaimed tile, its texture is consistent throughout the surface, it is not patchy or irregular.

    A brushed finish is one of the most versatile of surfaces. It's ideal for just about any application throughout the house because of its superior functionality. The rough surface means the tile has traction. This is great for patios, porches and even bathrooms because there is enough grip to prevent slips, even while the tile is wet.

    A brushed finish is ideal for those requiring a long-lasting tile with low maintenance involved. Some finishes require regular upkeep to ensure they look their best, but a brushed finish only needs the occasional clean with a pH neutral cleanser. Wear and tear add to the rustic feel of the tile, and while you may not keep that consistently brushed look, it's a finish that ages beautifully.

    The warm tones of the stone create a homely, cozy feel. Create a bathroom floor which is practical as well as beautiful or install a floor to ceiling Flannel limestone shower to give your home a natural, earthy feel. Just pair it with cream or beige walls and a bright white bathroom suite to keep the room light and airy.

    If you're looking to create a functional kitchen and hallway, Flannel limestone can be used to create a modern country kitchen with warm neutral cupboards and a wooden countertop. Carry the stone flooring through to the hallways for an inviting entrance or add a Flannel limestone kitchen backsplash which draws the look together.