Fossil Stone Sandstone Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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1.78 sqft per tile.

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  • Neutral, sandy colored stone

  • Beautiful rustic charm

  • Ideal for flooring both inside and outside the home

  • Natural cleft face with a textured surface

  • Gauged back to allow for interior application

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Product Info

    Fossil stone sandstone is a subtle blend of neutral sandy colors. From dark brown to golden beige, each stone has its own unique pattern. Some are almost totally yellow, others are a beautiful mix of cream with brown speckles. This is a truly wild stone, just as nature intended it.

    Sandstone is created when layers of sediment build-up over a period of thousands of years. The passage of time, alongside certain heat and pressure conditions, causes the soft minerals to cement, forming a solid rock. It is a relatively soft stone, low on the hardness scale, making it relatively porous, however, it is sufficiently durable for use as a flooring stone, lasting for decades. It should be sealed upon installation to ensure that the stone is protected from serious stains and moisture penetration, but it is hardy enough for exterior applications, making it great for a patio or a porch area. It is even suitable for freezing conditions and will not crack or crumble.

    This tile has a natural cleft face, a finish that suits the stone's earthy texture and origins. This is achieved by carving each block into level tiles. It is not sanded down or buffed, but instead is left with the rugged texture is was formed with. For sandstone, this results in soft peaks and grooves, just like sand forms into ridges on a beach. It's a beautiful finish that perfectly highlights the stones organic nature, creating a rustic feeling where ever it is laid.

    This is the perfect finish for those who are looking for a balance of design and practicality. The riven surface is ideal for external uses that are likely to be wet, as its texture provides the tile with sufficient grip. It's also much more durable than a smooth stone. When a tile is ground down to a perfect level, wear and tear in certain areas is much more visible. A natural cleft face is characteristically uneven and irregular; therefore, the aging process only adds to the tile's charm.

    Fossil Stone sandstone well help you achieve a rustic design. Its subtle, sandy tones can be paired with almost any color palette, ideal for creating a gorgeous country kitchen. Incorporate green-gray kitchen cupboards and an oak countertop for a rustic, earthy charm.

    But sandstone is not restricted to your home's interior. It can also be used outside to create a welcoming porch area, driveway or backyard patio. Add symmetrical bay trees to the front of your home for a gorgeous accent that will look great offset against the gentle neutral tones. Fossil stone sandstone is a perfect choice for those looking for a warm and homely design.