Ice White Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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  • Sharp and bright ice white color

  • Non-uniform pattern and style

  • Built from long-lasting slate

  • Practical gauged back with a rustic natural cleft face

  • Perfect for floors, walls, and backsplashes both inside and out

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Product Info

    Ice White slate tiles hit you straightaway with their sharp look. They have an almost arctic appearance, catching eyes as soon as you walk in the room. The striking whites are also broken up by waves of light and dark grays. But it is the non-uniform texture of the tiles that make each one so unique and impressive. Each stone has its own story to tell, while the overarching style exudes modern elegance.

    Slate is a fine-grained rock formed of clay or volcanic ash. It naturally forms into layers making it suitable for carving into tiles. The stone is cleaved along its innate fault lines, creating a thin slab that can then be cut to size.

    It is a hardwearing rock, more than capable of playing its part in heavy traffic areas. This makes Ice White slate tiles great for kitchen or bathroom floors. Another advantage comes in its resistance to heat and scratches, further demonstrating how at ease these tiles will be in lively homes.

    These ice white slate tiles have a natural cleft face. This means that the front has been shaped, but the natural grooves and edges have been left. Each tile retains its unique character and style. The back, however, is gauged. This means it has been shaped and leveled to create a similar thickness between the tiles, ideal for internal applications throughout the home.

    This rustic finish also comes with other benefits. Most importantly, the texture means you get a reasonable amount of traction, so the Ice White slate would be a sensible choice for bathrooms or outside spaces. In addition, this traditional surface doesn't require excessive maintenance, unlike more refined finishes. So, if you're a busy person but want a tile that will still look the part after years of use, then Ice White slate is ideal for you.

    These tiles are fantastic for creating a bold, contemporary look. For example, use them for your bathroom floor and marry them with a stand-alone gray bath, dark lighting, and gray towels. The contrast between white and gray is guaranteed to impress.

    It's also perfect for use in kitchens. Simply team it with white countertops, and light cabinets and appliances. The bright color palette will help enhance the light and give the room a spacious feeling.

    There is also the option of using it outside as a patio. In the summer the pale gray tiles will reflect the natural light, making the area feel cooler. In the winter months, you'll have a bright outside space that lightens up those dark mornings. We recommend paring Ice White slate with cream or gray colored outside chairs and benches for a contemporary design twist.