Jade Green Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Small crystals creating a uniform, grained effect

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  • Perfect for flooring, walls, cladding, and features

  • Polished finish, creating a mirror-shine

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Product Info

    Jade Green Granite is a subtle hint of color within a universally loved stone. Small to medium-sized crystals blend to create a grainy looking, rich granite. Golden notes are sparingly dotted throughout the stone, adding a new design dimension.

    Just as nature intended, each tile has its own unique pattern, but from afar, it appears to have a consistent design. This is ideal for those looking for a reliable stone tile with no harsh veins.

    Granite is formed when liquid rock from the earth's core nears our surface and then rapidly cools. It solidifies to create a superior stone in terms of durability and longevity. It is high on the hardness scale, meaning it cannot be scratched or damaged easily. This makes it popular with those who are looking for a long-term investment. Its volcanic past means it is also incredibly heat resistant, making it ideal for work surfaces such as countertops, vanities, and bathroom sink areas.

    This tile's exquisite coloring has been brought to life by its polished finish. The stone has been ground until smooth, then buffed to create a high-shine effect. The reflective surface is highly refined, its colors brightened. The green appears richer, the darker tones are deepened, and the ivory is highlighted, adding to the stone's glamour.

    Just like a mirror, the glossy sheen makes a room feel spacious and bright as it bounces light around your interior. The dark hues add depth to a design, creating the perfect room accent. Contrast its shine with matte effect furniture and soft textiles to create the ideal workable design.

    A quality granite with a polished finish creates the ultimate in high-end living. Its glossy, rich-toned surface makes an interior feel expensive and luxurious. Its brilliant shine is easily contrasted with subtler textures, creating a well-rounded design that works on many levels.

    Use Jade Green to create a feature kitchen backsplash and countertop that will give the room a color feature, adding depth to your interior. Pair it with cream shaker style cupboards, art deco style lighting for a traditional design that is timeless yet original.

    Create a beautiful entrance hall that feels spacious and exhilarating. Add a dark wood sideboard to give the room a contrasting element, and pair it with neutral-colored walls for a simplistic, yet chic design.