Noche Travertine Tile - Honed

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Also referred to as Noce (Antalya) Travertine
  • Warm chocolate brown color

  • Slightly mottled pattern

  • Suitable for flooring, walls, and features

  • Honed finish for a matte sheen

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Product Info

    Noche travertine is sometimes known as Chocolate travertine for its beautiful cocoa powder color. It has a subtle mottled pattern that gives the stone a characterful charm. While each tile will have its own delicate color variation, in general, it is a fairly consistent stone. It is this reliability and warm neutral color palette that makes travertine one of the most popular natural stones on the market.

    Travertine is similar to limestone in that it is created by mineral deposits dissolved in water. The main difference between the two stones, however, it that travertine requires fast moving water. As the stone forms, tiny bubbles of gas try to escape through its surface, creating minute pits and holes throughout the stone. This adds to travertine's natural beauty, one that cannot be replicated by man-made materials.

    Travertine is incredibly durable, and therefore makes a great flooring tile for almost all applications throughout the home. However, it is naturally porous, therefore we recommend that you seal the stone upon application to prevent any stains or dampness affecting the longevity of the stone. With proper care and attention, travertine can last for years performing just as well as the day it was laid.

    This tile has a soft, honed finish, perhaps the most popular option for travertine. This is created by grinding the top layer of the stone until it becomes beautifully smooth. The overall effect is a muted, matte texture, just like that of whipped cream. This is great for those looking for an understated design. The satin-like sheen softens the light in your interior, making it feel warm and homely.

    But the benefits of a honed finish are not restricted purely to design factors. It also comes with a few practical benefits. If you're looking for a tile that will require minimal maintenance, a honed finish is ideal. There is no need to polish the stone as its intended look is dull and muted. Therefore, a quick clean with a pH neutral cleanser and periodic resealing is sufficient.

    If you're looking for a flooring tile, a honed finish has more traction than a more refined surface. This makes it ideal for those with a busy family environment that require functionality as well as design.

    Noche travertine creates a warm and cozy environment wherever it is laid. Its chocolate brown color is a gorgeous neutral base, pairing beautifully with a wide variety of designs. Go for a classic relaxed country interior by pairing it with cream colored kitchen cupboards and a wooden countertop. Alternatively, create a luxury design by incorporating rich dark wood furniture and gold faucets.