Perlato Sicilia Marble Tile - Polished

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  • Creamy beige stone with golden flecks and veins

  • Hardwearing stone; suitable for external application

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  • Polished finish for a high-end design edge

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    Creamy ivory with dark gold flecks, our Perlato Sicilia marble tiles are the ultimate neutral color palette. The stone's rich gold pattern is highly irregular, rippling like fast moving water through a stream. It's a gorgeous material that fully embraces the marble's wild and exciting side, whilst maintaining that rich color palette this luxurious stone is so famous for.

    Marble is perhaps the most highly desired natural stone on the market. Its stunning color palette and original patterns are what makes this stone so unique. In fact, marble has always been well regarded. European architecture has always used this luxurious material to add elegance and class to a building's exterior. The fact that many of these structures still stand tall today is a testament to marble's ability to resist the hands of time. Most famously, the Italian sculptor, Michelangelo, used marble in many of his works to complement their beauty.

    To emphasize Perlato Sicilia marble's magnificence, these stones have been polished to perfection. The process involves initially grinding the stone down until all bumps and imperfections have been removed. The next stage involves buffing the tile until a glossy sheen is revealed. This is a highly refined finish that can remove up to 1mm of the tile's surface in order to achieve this brilliant shine. If you're looking to make your new marble tiles a feature in your interior design, there is no doubt that a polished finish is the look you need.

    A polished finish comes with a number of design benefits that are often overlooked. Firstly, the surface of a polished tile is a highly reflective, glossy shine. Just like a mirror, it bounces light around the room which creates the feeling of space. When contrasted with dark, matte surfaces, there is an increased feeling of depth, maximizing the room's potential.

    Furthermore, a polished finish also brightens the marble's glorious color palette. The creamy tones are enriched and highlighted, lifting them to their full potential, while the dark flecks are deepened. This stark contrast emphasizes the stone's gorgeous pattern, the stunning element that makes marble so incredibly popular.

    Perlato Sicilia has the benefit of being a rich neutral hue. This makes the task of pairing it with a room's design absolutely effortless. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modernist look that incorporates clean lines and sharp edges, or something a little more traditional, Perlato Sicilia will look superb.

    Try pairing it with dark wood kitchen cabinets and art deco lighting for a luxurious 1920's look. Perlato Sicilia also looks stunning in a bathroom setting, why not use it to create a beautiful bathroom wall or backsplash that will make your room look and feel magnificent? This hotel-inspired design will wow guests and provide you with the perfect place to relax.