Rustic Yellow Commercial Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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  • Gray, yellow, and orange colored stone

  • Irregular pattern and texture

  • Suitable for internal and outdoor applications

  • Commercial grade

  • Ideal for flooring and walls

  • Natural cleft face for a rugged surface

  • Gauged back for ease of installation

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Product Info

    Our Rustic Yellow slate tiles offer the classic medium gray tone traditionally found on slate, but with bursts of rusty orange and bright sandy yellow. It has a wildly irregular pattern that adds to the stone's unique charm, a boldly rugged look that will give your home or business a richness not achieved by human-made materials.

    Commercial grade slate is high-quality stone with a long lifespan and incredibly low porosity. They are more suited to professional installers because of the slight variation in their finish and quality but provide a great value for money solution for those who desire the beauty of natural stone on a budget.

    Slate is incredibly durable and is, without question, able to resist the wear and tear of daily life. It is regularly used for roofing tiles because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions, so your kitchen floor, shower wall, or entrance hall are no match for this sturdy stone. You may wish to seal your internally installed slate tiles with a stone protectant. This will help to enrich and darken their color, while preventing stains caused by oils and acids.

    Rough and ready, just as nature intended, these Rustic Yellow slate tiles have a natural cleft face. This finish is revealed rather than created since it is the stone's original texture once it has been cleaved along its fault lines into slabs. Retaining its grooves, ridges, and bumps, this irregular texture will give your home a spectacular design effect. It is ideal for adding to shower walls to create a straight from nature feel, or to kitchen backsplashes to add a unique textural element.

    Concerning functionality, a natural cleft face has a number of advantages over its more refined rivals. Firstly, the level of traction it affords makes it an excellent choice for wet rooms, outside patios, and porches. These areas are prone to dampness and can become slippery. They require a finish with a confident grip, and this is precisely what a natural cleft face provides.

    But when we look at value for money and investment potential, this is where a natural finish comes out on top. Not only does it come with an exceptional initial price point, but it also requires little maintenance and can last for decades.

    Rustic Yellow slate will help you achieve the rugged interior you've been searching for. Whether you're going for an industrial, masculine design, or something a little more relaxed and nature inspired, these beautiful tiles have it covered.

    Alternatively, if you're looking to maximize the design of your outside space, Rustic Yellow slate tiles are perfect. Their irregular pattern will blend perfectly with the surrounding bushes and shrubs, creating the ideal space to unwind.