Saturnia Travertine Tile - Honed

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2.25 sqft per tile.

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  • Golden beige and cream colored

  • Irregular 'aged' pattern

  • Ideal for flooring throughout the home, as well as backsplashes, walls, and more

  • Incredible design versatility

  • Honed finish for a matte effect

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Product Info

    Reminiscent of a luxurious Renaissance Italian villa, these Saturnia Travertine tiles will bring character and charm to your interior design. A rich golden beige blended with gloriously creamy tones, it is the ultimate in high-end neutral. Each tile looks as if it holds a tapestry of stories from its past, a long history amongst nobility resulting in a worn, aged pattern. With every stone telling its own unique tale, you will never find two identical. Saturnia Travertine will transform your house into a home bursting with life, ready for a new story to be written upon these stunning tiles.

    Travertine itself has a unique past. It is similar in geology to a limestone, created by mineral deposits dissolved in a body of water. Over time, the pressure caused by the loose mineral build-up becomes so large that they cement together, causing a hard and solid rock. Travertine is also created in this way, however, what makes it unique is that the water must be fast moving, for example, in a hot spring. Therefore, travertine is characterized by tiny pits and holes in the stone's surface; bubbles of gas which have been created by the fast-moving water.

    Despite this, travertine is known for its hardwearing qualities and is suitable for flooring throughout the home. It can be used in kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms, in fact, travertine can be used almost anywhere in the home. With proper care and attention, your new travertine tiles can last for decades.

    Travertine naturally forms a satin-like matte when it is smooth; therefore, a honed finish lends itself well. The stone has been ground down until any grooves or ridges have been removed, leaving a totally smooth surface. There is no polishing involved with this process, instead, the stone is left with a matte effect.

    Travertine is unlike marble and granite in that it does not hold a shine well. Therefore, a honed travertine is ideal for those who are looking for a low maintenance tiling solution. There is no need for expensive expert polishing, as the tiles are intentionally dull.

    Furthermore, a honed finish is also incredibly functional due to its superior level of traction. Compared to a polished finish, a matte surface is less slippery, especially when wet. Therefore, these travertine tiles are ideal for bathroom and hallway floors where puddles or dampness are more likely.

    Our stunning Saturnia Travertine tiles create an incredible high-end design for a very reasonable price point. Used in a kitchen or bathroom, they're ideal for creating a homely and cozy feel that will never fall out of fashion. Their luxurious neutral coloring pair with a number of hues, from the rich and opulent to serene, natural tones. Team it with cream cupboards and a wooden countertop for a simplistic, country-inspired interior. Alternatively, incorporate soft blues and grays for a splash of natural color.