Turco Classico Cross Cut Travertine Tile - Honed

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  • Creamy beige with a pale mottled effect

  • The perfect, neutral blank canvas

  • Highly durable, great for high traffic areas of the home

  • A honed, contemporary finish

  • Perfect for flooring, walls and kitchen backsplashes

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Product Info

    A rich and creamy beige, this Turco Classico Travertine is a beautifully subtle, neutral stone. It has a light and pale mottled effect throughout the tile that gives that natural stone effect everyone is after. It is a great base for building almost any interior design upon, from the luxurious and traditional, to the super-chic and ultra-modern. It is versatility defined.

    Travertine is similar to limestone in its formation. A process that takes millions of years, mineral deposits are compressed to form a tight and compact stone. For Travertine to form, there must be fast-moving water, for example, that of a cold or hot spring, which uniquely impacts the formation process creating this beautiful stone.

    Turco Classico Travertine is a soft, sandy colored stone that requires a finish to complement this. This tile is ground down to a smooth surface, removing any evidence of bumps, ridges or texture. The result is a silken, matte effect. It is contemporary and demure. A total blank canvas.

    A honed finish is great for high traffic areas within the home. Unlike a polished stone, it is not dulled by periods of increased usage. It will stay looking its best for years to come. It's also a relatively slip-resistant finish, providing enough traction for use in a family environment.

    The stone is cross cut, giving a cross-sectional view of the tiles pattern. In this way, the tiles are relatively non-uniform, with mottling more apparent on some than others. This creates a natural, almost artisanal stone. Each tile is unique, with a natural pattern.

    Turco Classico Travertine is ideal for creating that perfect blank canvas. If you're looking for a stone that will stand the test of time design-wise, there really is no need to look any further. Its subtle pattern, relative uniformity, and neutral color palette make it perfect for those looking to invest in a long-term design solution.

    The matte finish has a contemporary edge that will still feel up-to-date for years to come. It's a great value for money, natural stone, with the durability to match.