9 Interior Design Bloggers To Look Out For In 2019

9 Interior Design Bloggers To Look Out For In 2019

In today’s highly connected world, finding inspiration for remodeling your home has never been easier. Instagram, Pinterest, or even interior design blogs all have something new to offer almost every day. The people who share these ideas have such a unique perspective that it is hard to miss and even harder to resist applying it in our lives. There are some interior design blogs that are truly inspirational and should be followed if you are looking to increase your style quotient in 2019.

To save you the trouble of diving deep into the pool of data on search engines, we at Stone and Tile Shoppe have prepared our list of 9 interior design bloggers that you need to follow this year. These bloggers will provide all the information you need, from industry trends, products, designs to tips and tricks!

1. Design Hunter

    Writer and stylist Helen Powell is the brain behind this popular interior design blog. Founded in 2009, it is one of UK’s most followed design and lifestyle blog with a fan following of thousands of readers every month. The blog also hosts an engaged community on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Check out the blog here: http://www.designhunter.co.uk/

    2. September Edit

      Another European blog that adds a unique perspective to interior designing is September Edit. September Edit is a famous Danish design blog started by Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer. This cosmopolitan blog has an international readership and appeals to all tastes with its quality aesthetics, content, and design. The author of the blog is an experienced fashionista who writes on the latest ways and styles for home improvement. Read more about the blog here: http://www.septemberedit.com/ 

      3. Seasons in Colour

        For some color-inspired tips, check out the interior design blog Seasons in Colour. This is your daily dose of color-infused lifestyle especially when you are caught in the hustle bustle of the black and white city life. The blog’s author Jenny originally began penning her thoughts to offer design aficionados with color-based inspiration. She later expanded her ideas, and today, she has an award-winning blog. She writes about different aspects of interior design, including some tips on purchasing at auctions! Read more about Seasons in Colour here: https://www.seasonsincolour.com/ 

        4. Simply Grove

          This funky interior design blog has some of the most eye-catching interiors, including some really chic furnishing from around the world. Kirsten’s aesthetic style is reflected in her color choices, which are mostly neutral, muted color palettes. She is known for giving personality to mundane spaces by using whimsical accessories and architectural pieces. See for yourself here: http://www.simplygrove.com/

          5. Anne Sage

            Anne, the author of this interior design blog, has been perfectly showcasing since 2008 how spaces can reflect an individual. Featuring Happy Interiors, it is simply amazing how she reimagines a classic design to suit her readers’ personalities. Her secret behind using the relationship between personal spaces and happiness is the reason why she is one of the top interior design bloggers to follow in 2019. She is one blogger that helps her clients creates spaces for the life they really want! See more of Anne’s magic here: http://annesage.com/about/

            6. EyeSwoon

            EyeSwoon is a great blog on interior design, lifestyle, and food. With its remarkable visual experience, it can quite literally make your eye swoon and crave for more ideas and inspiration. The author of this blog, Athena, shows how simple things in life can make a huge statement when thoughtfully executed. Her ideas and vision are simple yet eye-catching, unusual, and not to mention, sophisticated! With a story in everything she tells her readers, Athena ensures that people remain engaged with her blog to learn something new every time they visit it. See for yourself here: http://eye-swoon.com/

            7. Wit & Delight

              In her blog Wit & Delight, Kate brings to life her vision with her fabulous ideas on interior designing. Her blog is a delight for boho lovers as most of her content is inspired by it. Wit & Delight provides practical tips on ways to upgrade your home or personal spaces. Her design inspiration really makes the reader contemplate on including simple pleasures into their mundane life to make things exciting. Check out Wit & Delight here: http://witanddelight.com/

              8. Amber Interior Designs

                Amber Interior Designs is one of the most loved interior design blogs as it inspires readers to combine the laid-back design aesthetics of California into their personal lives. They make it look so easy and simple that readers end up trying at least some of the tips mentioned in the blog. Whether it is a simple wallpaper in the living room or earthy textures glowing in a light-filled space, the ideas are simply irresistible. Read more about Amber Interiors here: http://amberinteriordesign.com/ 

                9. The Spruce

                If you are a conventional person looking for practical design ideas, then The Spruce interior design blog is for you! Quite literally, the tips and tricks mentioned in their blogs will spruce up your life and space to create the best version of your home. With ideas on color themes and interior design trends, The Spruce is a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. Check out their blog to find out some unique yet extremely practical ideas and spruce up home with the latest fashion and trends. https://www.thespruce.com/

                Final thoughts

                As you think of redoing your home or office space, we would recommend you read through some of these interior design blogs for 2019. With interesting, novel ideas, you can get inspired and apply it in your real life. These blogs are brimming of ideas and inspiration irrespective of your style and have something for everyone.

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