Stone & Tile Shoppe recognizes that each request for services comes with a unique vision, and it is our goal to make that vision an architectural reality.

1. Dedicated to stone supply

Our focus is dedicated to stone supply, and the broad array of intricacies and nuances attributed to stone and its applications. This dedication gives us a decidedly deeper knowledge of stonework and its features such as the availability and feasibility attributed to each particular type of stone. These aspects allow us to say with confidence that we can deliver a streamlined, stress-free process from concept to completion, no matter the size of the project.

2. Experience

Our core staff members maintain over 30 years of experience in the industry, spanning across thousands of completed commercial and residential projects. Having such passionate experts on staff eliminates bumps in the road and mistakes that may arise elsewhere from lack of experience, and has cultivated our strong reputation for accountability and dependability.

3. Design & Architectural Services

We maintain this level of excellence in all aspects of our services, including our design and CAD teams. We’ll work with your contractors and installers to provide take-offs from shop drawings and original designs that meet both structural, technical and artistic requirements.

4. Expert Advice

Our strong reputation is backed by extensive knowledge pertaining to each type of stone, and which is suited best for each application. Each type of natural stone has a variety of features that need to be taken into account before choosing the right product. Working with our consultants means getting expert insight on the details that make a project successful and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Value Engineering

Our designers have the expertise to conjure the desired aesthetic with the right materials for the application. As a factory-direct resource, we can offer value engineering. This means we can offer alternate materials to suit the objective price range, without sacrificing aesthetics, and delivering the same look for a more affordable rate. Harmoniously bringing together practical requirements with the objective aesthetic is our area of expertise, and what we are known for. We slash costs and offer bigger savings over retail shops and other intermediaries that tack on their own mark-up. We are committed to customer satisfaction at every step of the process, from selection and design to delivery of the finished product.

5. Inspection

To present our clients with superior quality control and service, Stone & Tile Shoppe retains its own inspectors all over the globe, meticulously reviewing and examining all materials and delivering detailed inspection reports for every single order before shipment. We guarantee the finest in stone supply. With confidence we can provide any type of stone for any project, anywhere in the world. Before shipping, each order is carefully inspected to ensure the precise measurements and color range are in accordance with the project’s specifications. We have streamlined this process throughout our years of experience and this means we can provide you with the best services and competitive pricing, while delivering your order in record time.

1 We place your order directly with the manufacturer using our wholesale account so you get fantastic pricing!
2 We put your name as the pickup person and email you as soon as your order is ready to be picked up.
3 Upon arrival at the store, give your order number and pick up your order hassle free - everything will already be paid for!

What if the warehouse closest to you doesn’t have the item you have selected in stock?

They can usually bring it in within a few days. If the manufacturer is willing to do this as a courtesy we will pass on that courtesy to you.  If there are any fees for this we will let you know so you can decide.  We always find out the exact timeline and email you to confirm if that is okay. If that doesn’t work for you then you will get a 100% refund. If it does, we proceed and email you when it is ready for pickup.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any pickup questions toll free at
1-877-426-1500 or email us at