Disadvantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

Disadvantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

Can’t decide which flooring material is right for you and want to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of engineered wood flooring? Although engineered wood is a popular flooring option, it is often misunderstood. So in this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of engineered wood floors to help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring is a man-made material that consists of several layers of wood veneers, and the top decorative layer is made of a species of real hardwood. It maintains the elegant look and feel of solid wood, so most people won’t even tell the difference once the flooring is installed. Engineered wood is suitable for most rooms, from halls to kitchens.

Engineered wood flooring offers multiple advantages, including enhanced durability and versatility, fewer maintenance requirements, and increased resistance to warping and bowing. Many people love engineered prefinished wood because it can go where solid hardwood can’t and can make exotic woods more affordable.

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Disadvantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

Still, this type of flooring has several disadvantages, and you should consider them as well. Let’s discuss them in detail.

It’s important to know that engineered wood can fade from prolonged UV exposure. So you should make sure to keep your floors out of direct sunlight by using drapes and blinds if possible. You can also use some rugs to cover more vulnerable areas.

Multiple layers of engineered wood are fused together to support stability. That makes this material more resistant to higher moisture levels than solid wood. But greater resistance doesn’t mean engineered hardwood is completely impervious to moisture. Moisture can weaken the structure of your wood frame floor system and cause the engineered wood boards to shift and buckle. So it’s not wise to use engineered wood for flooring in wet areas like your kitchen or bathroom. Consider more water-resistant surfaces like floor tiles with wood-look finishes or luxury vinyl plank flooring that blend realistic wood-look visuals with completely waterproof construction. At our store, you can also find waterproof laminate flooring that is more durable against any spills.

Although engineered wood is relatively low-maintenance when compared to solid hardwood, it still has certain maintenance requirements because the top layer is solid wood. You have to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep it neat. It involves either sweeping or vacuuming the surface to get rid of visible dust and debris.


As you see, there are some disadvantages of engineered wood flooring, but they are pretty minor compared to the enormous benefits engineered wood offers. It’s a fantastic alternative to solid hardwood flooring that looks luxurious but costs less.

Still, selecting a best-fit flooring material is an important undertaking. If you are not quite sure that engineered wood is the right choice for you, you may want to learn more about other affordable options and check out the article about the pros and cons of laminate flooring.
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