Five Ways To Protect Your Flooring From Stains

Five Ways To Protect Your Flooring From Stains

One of the most satisfying moments having new flooring is being able to flaunt it in front of your guests and friends. Floors are an important element that can change the look of the entire space. Be it a honed limestone or polished marble tile, each has its own way of transforming your home. When you decide the new flooring for your house, you invest a lot of time, effort and money to get that perfect look. So why wouldn’t you want people to appreciate it and give you a pat on the back?

Here are some ways you can prevent your floors from staining and keep them looking new as ever:

Clean your floor with warm water and a soft sponge for a spotless look

The constant beating from continued use, spills and scratches can make your flooring look dull and ugly. To stand up against the test of repeated heavy use, you can opt for tile flooring options that are easy to clean and don’t soak up stains. To avoid floor stains, clean it regularly with warm water and a non-abrasive sponge or a soft cloth. This will prevent scratches and maintain your floor’s glossy shine. You should also run a dry cloth over the marble after mopping to ensure that the residual water traces, dirt, and grime are picked up.

Image source: Reliable Marble Care

Take quick action for oil spills on your granite floor

If your granite tile has been stained with oil or a greasy substance, use a blotting action (with paper towels or a soft sponge preferably) to remove it. However, if the substance has seeped into the pores of your granite surface, you can make a dry paste using baking soda and acetone and place it on top of the stain (don’t rub it forcefully into the surface). Let the paste dry for one day and then remove the paste, and you’ll find the stain’s been taken care of. Your floor might have to be resealed though if you use this process.

Say goodbye to floor stains with stone sealers

Unlike harder stones like granite, marble if not pre-treated can be more vulnerable to stains and scratches. Don’t let the opulent look fade away with blots and permanent stains. Instead, treat the floor with stone sealers, or more specifically, an acid-resistant impregnator sealer since marble as a stone is soft and porous. Sealing ensures that the stone gets its durable resilience and prevents it from staining easily.

Stains on your marble floor? Baking Soda to the rescue!

Accidentally spilled wine on your marble floor? Does the picture below describe your current situation right now?


Don’t stress out! A little baking soda is all you need to get out of this mess. Make a poultice consisting of water and some baking soda. Apply it to your floor and then cover the stained region with a plastic wrap for 4 - 6 hours. Clean it with a wet cloth after and voila, it’s going to be good as new!

Use the right cleaning products (Avoid acids at all costs!)

It is important to regularly use credible cleaning products to rejuvenate the look of your floor. The best way to refresh the stained floor is by gently cleaning it with the necessary product suited for your floor material. And yes, acidic cleaners are a big no-no for it can weaken the marble and leave it with etching or visible cracks.

We hope these five ways will lighten your mind, protect your floor from those ugly blotches and keep it looking the best. If you have any other ideas on removing floor stains, let us know! We’d love to add it on and share it with everyone!

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