Hickory vs. Oak Flooring

Hickory vs. Oak Flooring

Looking to install a new floor but are not sure what the best choice for your home is: hickory or oak flooring? Hickory and oak wood are both popular options for floors. Both are hardwood and available in solid or engineered planks.

At our store, we offer oak and hickory flooring as engineered wood that is durable and moderately priced and comes in a variety of styles. Choosing a floor is a big decision, and it is important to get it right, so in this article, we’ll compare hickory vs. oak flooring and talk about their pros and cons.

Hickory vs. Oak Flooring: What Is the Difference?

Both hickory and oak floorings have different unique styles and intrinsic beauty. Hickory planks are incredibly varied, and their dark grain and bold character marks make them stand out among other hardwood flooring species. Red and white oak flooring have similar grain patterns, but they differ in coloration, and when compared to hickory, they’re much more uniform.

One of the most apparent differences between hickory and oak hardwood flooring is the hardness of the wood. Hickory wood has a Janka hardness rating of 1820, which is considered highly durable. On the other hand, white oak has a Janka rating of 1350 and red oak 1220. This makes hickory an excellent option for high-traffic areas, such as entryways and living rooms, and if you are looking for durable wood flooring for kids and pets. Still, it’s worth noting that oak is considered the industry standard when it comes to hardwoods.

Price is an essential aspect when we compare different wood species. Since hickory is harder, both white and red oak flooring types are cheaper options than hickory, and white oak is cheaper than red oak. But prices will vary, depending on such factors as finishes, board width, and installation method.

And what about the ease of installation? Since hickory is so much harder than oak, it’s also harder to work with – it’s more resistant to standard steel saw blades and needs to use carbon-tipped blades. But these issues apply only to solid wood, and if you buy engineered wood flooring, you can use any type of saw you want.

Speaking about cleaning and maintenance, both floorings require roughly the same cleaning routine. Sweeping and mopping regularly will help keep the floors looking good. But when we compare hickory vs. oak flooring, there are some differences when it comes to maintenance. Hickory is more naturally prone to rot than oak, and oak is more susceptible to dents and scratches and insects and heartwood decay.

So which is the better choice for your home? It comes down to personal preferences. Both hickory and oak can be gorgeous and unique additions to your home. Oak is a traditional choice, and hickory is a bold option that will make your house stand out.
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