The Value of a Polished Look in Modern Décor and Design

The Value of a Polished Look in Modern Décor and Design

Properties with older architectural designs from the 19th and 20th century could be quite easy to transform. These types of homes are relatively cheaper than modern homes but they’re a bit old fashioned. There is a way you can give your home a brand new look by using modernized designs.

You could even add this expensive look to your home without breaking the bank. It simply depends on the type of materials you use to renovate your property. It would seem that more people are using natural building materials to modernize their homes.

Not only do natural materials such as natural stone add elegance to your house but it adds value as well. You’re able to make any house look more expensive than what it is solely based on the materials you use to construct it.

How to Make Your Home Look More Polished

The key features that make modern homes look so beautiful and pristine are how polished & streamlined they are. They always look neat and well put together. There are some simple yet effective tricks you can do to achieve this look in your own home.

One advantage of these effective tricks is that anyone can do them. You can make your home look more sleek and elegant simply by adding a new countertop or new flooring.

Polished Countertops

Some old houses have wooden countertops which are not always ideal. Although certain types of wood may be strong they are more difficult to keep clean. There’s also more risk of wooden countertops getting burnt by hot pot bases.

Using reflective surfaces in a kitchen gives the area a cleaner look. Marble countertops are more suited for kitchens as they’re heat resistant and easy to clean. Opt for marble in lighter colors such as white and light grey for a clean & crisp style.

Use polished marble tiles for your kitchen floor and walls. There’s a variety of shades and types to select from in the marble floor tile section such as:

Marble out Your Patio

Light marble floor tiles used for patios create a beautiful contrast between your garden and your house. It brightens up an area to make it look sleeker and it reflects more light. If you use a translucent marble your patio will glow when the sun hits the floor. The glow will give your patio a regal effect. 

The advantage of using light marble and tiles for your patio is it’s stronger than ceramic tiles which means they won’t chip or scratch during hail storms. They’re also easier to clean and polish. Marble patios are suitable for hotter climates because the floor will stay cool even under the hot sun.

Select the following marble floor tiles for your patio:

A Polished Lobby Floor

First impressions are important if you want to make a statement. When someone enters your home the first area they will see is your lobby. In bigger houses, the lobbies are usually spacious and should always be in pristine condition.

To achieve this look, you don’t have to do much. There should be no clutter in the lobby area, only a place to hang coats, keys, bags, and accessories (hats & gloves). An easy yet effective way to create a polished lobby is to tile the floor with a combination of light and dark marble floor tile products.

Opting for earth colors such as light brown, dark brown and beige for a lobby goes well with certain types of lighting particularly in areas with no windows. Using dim yellow lights rather than fluorescents will give your lobby more of an ambient glow.

Use polished marble floor tiles such as:

Decorating Tips

Use a Basic Color Palette

In order to have a precise and elegant home use only a few streamline elements. You don’t need to use too many bold colors in order to bring out the character of a room. Use a minimum of three basic colors that complement each other when tiling or painting the area.

The most ideal way to create a polished look is to add contrast. Selecting a darker color such as black or dark brown against a neutral backdrop will give your room more depth and add sophistication to your décor.

Minimal use of Patterns

Using patterns particularly for tiling can look wonderful in a bathroom or kitchen. But using too many types of patterns in one area can make your décor look too busy and less appealing. Use two complementary patterns for flooring and opt for décor that has solid colors.

You could use different textures on solid colors to create a balance between the patterns and the décor. When selecting patterns, use symmetrical shapes as they create more of an organized appearance.

Emphasize Straight Lines

One key feature that makes any room look orderly is clean straight lines. The use of straight lines to create a sleek design is particularly effective on walls and floors so remember this when picking out your marble and tiles. Use solid colors with crisp clean lines on kitchen floors, bathroom walls, and lobby areas.

You can be creative with lobby areas as you can put clean straight trimming around walls and skirting boards.

Final Thoughts

No building material can quite convey elegance like polished marble can. Marble has a unique appearance because it’s a natural material. This natural stone has been used to build structures over many centuries because of its sophisticated and expensive appearance.

A marble floor tile and other natural stone products are made from timeless materials. It has the ability to make any modernized home look more orderly & refined. Marble complements modernized homes well because modern décor requires less clutter and more organized effects.

So if you want to add value to your home use marble for all your interior designs. A polished sheen interior makes any home look immaculate.

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