These Images Prove Natural Stone is Always the Right Building Material

These Images Prove Natural Stone is Always the Right Building Material

-      No Matter Your Style

Competition is rife in today’s society. People want to be part of the latest trends and being ‘out of touch’ or ‘out of date’ are some individuals’ worst nightmares. Here’s the problem with always trying to be associated with the ‘in crowd’. You can be so focused on getting other people’s approval you could be missing out on some major opportunities and benefits. It’s no different in the construction business when considering whether using natural stone is still a relevant option.

The answer: an unequivocal ‘yes’.

Some people may say it’s outdated, but using limestone for bathroom floor tiles or a marble slab in your kitchen is still—and will probably always be—a winning idea for any building or renovation project.

Need some persuasion for yourself or your new clients to make up your minds? Have a look at 11 images that will instantly prove why natural stone is always an ideal resource in the construction business.

Stone Represents Power

Let’s start with a reason many people request a new building: they want to make an impression:

  • New office buildings should impress new clients and demand respect from competitors.
  • A new home gives shelter, but homeowners also want to be the envy of neighbors.
  • Public buildings are often created to carry a legacy for future generations.

Can this really be influenced by the type of building materials you use? You only have to look at impressive marble columns or sandstone facades to know this is possible. The massive pieces of stone in front of ancient buildings and the ornate details in sandstone castles carry the messages or power, importance & luxurious living.

Using natural stone floor tiles, slabs and decorative pieces have been effective in creating imposing structures for centuries. No modern products can do this better.  

It’s Practical AND Decorative

While granite tiles and sandstone facades can be impressive, it doesn’t mean these substances don’t serve other purposes as well. They have practical and decorative uses that make them valuable investments whether you pick cheap sandstone tiles or expensive granite products.

When clients, developers or architects are looking for practical yet aesthetically pleasing solutions, never underestimate the possibilities natural stone brings:

  • Want to create a barrier at the edge of a garden so no one ruins the brand new landscaping? A wall may ruin the overall look but a few strategically placed granite balls will keep visitors from driving on the lawn.
  • Some homeowners may love décor but don’t want the space to seem cluttered. A marble figurine could blend with the other natural stone in the room, keeping it simple yet stylish and impressive.
  • Because stone products such as sandstone tiles and slate can easily be formed into different shapes and widths they are practical materials to work with & always easy on the eyes.
  • The beauty of marble veins adds character to a room whether the stone is used as work surfaces, walls, pillars or a backsplash tile.

The applications are endless and simply require some creative thinking to find the perfect fit. 

It’s an Affordable Solution

Since a new natural stone fixture can also serve as décor, developers and homeowners can already save money: there may be no need to purchase vases, paintings, and ornaments.

Even using it outside is ideal as it’s an inexpensive material that will make a huge impact. A low budget landscaping project can get some flair if you simply add beautiful stones in the right places.

It’s Hygienic

Let’s return to the subject of practicality. In this modern society consumers want effortless lifestyles. In spaces like kitchens, they want low maintenance, quick cleaning options which is why modern appliances look so sleek: a smooth surface cleans easily.

You can give homeowners exactly this effortless approach by using natural stone instead of synthetic products. A marble slab kitchen counter cleans with a quick wipe down and because it’s smooth with no gaps, it stays hygienic. There aren’t any holes where food particles can accumulate. This also makes it appropriate for commercial use.

Because the stone is so durable, you can also create outside surfacessuch as on patiosthat are easy to clean off water, dust or debris. You simply have to pick the right type of natural stone as some of them—such as travertine—may have small holes in the surface.

Tip: brush up on your knowledge of natural stones so you know which ones are most appropriate for each scenario.

Be Known for Originality

One thing about synthetic materials is that you’re often limited to visual options. Concrete or linoleum tiles may be popular building materials but if you want to give a space an X-factor, natural stone is your answer.

You can never predict what the next tile or slab will look like exactly. You can come across dazzling hues and details in the products you purchase from a limestone or granite supplier. Even the imperfections such as holes in travertine or the fossil outlines in limestone tiles add character to a room.

If you want your structure to be noted for its originality, natural stone will make that happen.

Timeless Solutions

Of course you want to be remembered for what you create. You only have to look at the buildings tourists pay to view these days to know that natural stone will stand the test of time:

  • Cathedrals of old have marble walkways that are still in perfect condition.
  • Sculptures made by famous artists can still be viewed decades and even centuries later.
  • Slate roofs created in previous centuries still look striking and protect the buildings effectively.

The added benefit is that it requires very little maintenance to ensure these surfaces stay in top condition.

Use it Inside and Outside

A popular trend when it comes to interior decorating is to carry a theme throughout a home. It can add resale value to the premises: if a potential buyer likes what you did in the foyer he or she will feel at home no matter which space they step into.

And you shouldn’t be forced to discontinue a trend simply because you start decorating the outdoors. Why not make the garden, patio and swimming pool area feel as much part of the home as your bedrooms? This becomes easy when you use natural stone as part of your structure, décor, and fixtures:

  • A marble slab won’t get damaged in the wind and rain so you can use the same type in your kitchen & as a patio work surface.
  • Many natural stone tiles won’t easily show wear and tear; you can use the same designs and colors inside & outside.
  • There are many tiles such as granite that are striking when used inside and safe to use around the pool area. It’s less slippery than some other types of flooring when it gets wet.

Using similar limestone tiles inside and outside may also create the illusion of more spacious areas. There won’t be any definite lines creating boundaries between interior spaces and the outdoors.

Easy to Match

Of course, you may not want to use stone throughout your entire structure. Other building materials do have their benefits too. A substance like glass is also timeless and can let light into the building. The challenge for architects and interior designers will be to ensure all the substances that are used work well together aesthetically:

  • Do the colors match? If they clash the inhabitants may always feel there’s something slightly ‘off’ with the building.
  • Will the textures blend well and give character or will they seem too at odds with each other?
  • When the surfaces change over time because of sun or rain, will the structure still be pleasing to the eye?

Luckily you have such a wide range of natural stone products to pick from. There’s no reason not to include stone in your plans, no matter what your creativity or a client’s preferences are:

  • Each stone is different so you can pick a smooth marble or a textured granite tile or even a rough slate surface.
  • Even though stone is seen as a classic approach to construction it’s a wise option to use in modern themed buildings. The contrast between the different substances will help you highlight the areas you want to.
  • You can also adjust the appearance of stone to match a certain style. Adding a shiny sealant or installing polished floor tiles can bring a whole new dimension to a room. The user may love the earthy approach without compromising on the ultra stylish atmosphere he or she wants to create.
  • Many stone surfaces don’t change much over time, as long as they’re maintained.

The options are endless.

Pick a Color—There’s a Stone to Match

You’ll be surprised at how many hues of natural stone products are available. Even slate floor tiles can be brown, golden or even green. So, don’t limit yourself by simply imagining shades of brown and black. Shades of blue, red and pink are common.

Using a certain marble with different hues is also an ideal way to subtly introduce color to an otherwise plain room. And don’t forget about the classic technique of making mosaic floors—still a popular option to this day.

The Green Home Solution

Here’s a notion that’s gaining momentum around the globe: green living. And once again natural stone may be your solution.

Green living is all about saving natural resources and minimizing your carbon footprint. Using stone in and around a new building—or renovating with the purpose of going green—can have remarkable effects. Utility costs can go down which benefits the occupant of the structure and there will be less abuse of natural resources; the latter benefits the environment.

Here’s how stone will help:

  • Some natural stones such as slate slabs can insulate a home so it’s easier to regulate the temperature inside. This means less reliance on air conditioning systems and the electricity grid.
  • Natural stone requires less maintenance than many other construction materials and it’s easier to clean. Often, water is enough. That means less toxic chemicals will find their way in cities’ water systems.
  • Many natural stone floor tiles and other objects such as kitchen counters will serve homeowners well for years & even decades. They won’t require repairs or replacements. This means no wastage of more natural resources and no emissions because you have to manufacture a new component.

Last Thought: The Natural Look is Always Better

Simply look at this image. It represents a perfect balance. Modern living with a classic, timeless flavor simply because you combine natural stone with trendy elements.

It’s clear: no matter what your design or construction preferences are, stone makes sense. It’s the trend you’re supposed to follow. Will you make the sensible choice?

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