Top 10 Living Room Styling Trends For 2019

Top 10 Living Room Styling Trends For 2019

Already two months into the new year, the time to explore the top 10 best living room interior design trends is now! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned design aficionado looking for designing cues for your living space, we have specially crafted a list on the top 10 living room interior design trends. This blog has everything you need to reimagine a space that you call home - from the sustainable design practices, fabric selection to savvy color schemes!  

Trend #1: Go Green

 Go Green

Image Credits: Uptown Locators

Real or fake, having greens in your living rooms literally brings life into your space and is the surest way to enliven it. Keeping real plants can have several health benefits. But if you are worried about its maintenance then using faux plants is another option. Faux greenery is nothing new and has been an integral part of home decor right from grandma’s vases of plastic to the inexpensive silks from the shops.

Trend #2: Bold and Beautiful Wallpapers

Bold and Beautiful Wallpapers

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Wallpapers have made a comeback in 2019 with big and bold prints. Rising nearly from its dead status, wallpaper is one of the living room trends that has revived itself in 2019 and is gain popularity as the year passes on. Digital printing and murals will be the top preferences to make a bold and big statement. The popularity of florals has been on the rise too!  While the smaller patterns of the 1980s are still available, but that should be best left in the past.

Trend #3: Experience Luxury with Velvet

velvet trend

Image Credits: Evening Standard

The velvet trend started a few years back and is expected to last at least through 2019. Velvet as a prime choice for upholstered pieces is hot again in 2019. Whether it is an antique chair or a stylish sofa, velvets are the number one choice for its sumptuous texture that adds elegance to interiors. It can be perfectly paired with gold, another high-shine metallic trend of 2019. In fact, velvet and gold is a match made in heaven.

Trend #4: Curvy Furniture for Redefined Elegance

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One of the living room interior design trend in 2019 is the elegant curvy furniture. Trending across home, curves are adding a special flair to the living space - with sofas, tables, and consoles. Gone are the days of right straightforward lines and boxy furniture. Today, curves are making a bold statement while allowing guests to sit comfortably and strike a conversation. To get the look, opt for round mirrors, curve side chairs and a light boasting a unique silhouette.

Trend #5: Shine on, You Crazy Metallics

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Shiny metallics is one living room interior design trends in 2019 that needs to be incorporated for a luxury-like feeling! Adding glamor to your personality and space, high-shine metallics such as gold and bronze are replacing traditional, matte rose gold. High shine metallics have a great way to provide a touch of luxury to any room it is kept in. One of the best ways to have high shine metallics is by using furniture with metallics legs or subtle metallic room decor.

Trend #6: Join the Tribe with Minimalistic Patterns

Image Credits:

Tribal patterns are making a comeback in 2019. Usually, tribal patterns come and go, and in 2019 they have made a comeback with visible designs on upholstery and rugs. With minimalist prints, tribal designs can enliven and freshen the room, even if space is limited. When used judiciously, these patterns stand out when used in a clean, uncluttered room!

Trend #7: Sustainability is the Way Forward

Image Credits: Green Energy Times

The theme of saving the earth and the environment will be entrenched in living room space in 2019. Sustainability is the way ahead with recycled and unrecycled products becoming the show stopper. The range of decor made from rehashed or produced sustainably include rugs, curtains and even small furniture. These products are gaining popularity in houses, making your preferences design-forward and eco-friendly at the same time.

Trend #8: That 70’s Show is Back

Image Credits:

Who says time travel is impossible? In 2019, expect to see the spirit of the ‘70s return into your living room as fashion and interior design create a unique blend of laid-back glamor. The eternal yellow, oranges and brown that we love from the ‘70s are making a comeback. These colors are here to make a statement and can be good mood lifters!

The unexpected combination of orange and yellow are set to reign in 2019. To make the interiors stand out these hues will be creating a last impression. If you are not fond of bright and vibrant colors then you may want to use their color shades from rust and terracotta to rich Tuscan-style ochres. This complemented with the earthy color tones will make you nostalgic of your childhood.

Trend #9: Get Those Extras: Rattan Accessories

Image Credits:

Modern boho style is set to stay in the Living room in 2019. The natural rattan will be particularly used for a distinct play on textures. Rattan brilliantly blends with several other trends of 2019 such as sustainability and curve furniture. Rattan furniture’s warm tones work superbly well with the soothing pastel colors we will see in 2019 or along with the retro styles.

Trend #10: Soothing Earthy Colors

Image Credits:

Pastel colors with a bold statement of the ‘70s are certainly making a statement in the living rooms of people. Ice cream shades and pastel tones have increasingly become a popular alternative to dull dove grey. Muted colors can be a great option to give your space a touch of warmth and lived-in feeling. Some options to consider include, pinks, greens, and blues. These tones look just as stunning on walls, particularly when combined with other interior design trends.

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