Transform Your Walls to Upgrade Your Home – 7 Tips

Transform Your Walls to Upgrade Your Home – 7 Tips

Walls take up the largest surface area of a room so if you want to upgrade your home, restyling your walls can have a great impact. The trick about transforming your walls is that they’re not meant to overwhelm the room. Instead, they must blend in with the rest of your furniture and décor.

So, how do you upgrade your walls and turn them into masterpieces without drawing attention away from the rest of the room? We have some ideas and we’re going to share them with you so your walls can wow anyone who steps into your home. Are you ready to learn more about transforming your walls?

Back to the Basics

Retiling your walls might sound like a boring idea. After all, if you go into anyone’s home, they most likely have tiled kitchen or bathroom walls. But sometimes simple can be powerful. Ordinary ceramic tiles might not be as effective but consider using natural stone tiles.

Wall marble tiles are available in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns that can be used to create dynamic designs. These can vary from antique wall tiles marble products to more contemporary options. You can even consider granite or slate. On top of this, you don’t even have to use square tiles. Elongated tiles can be used for different patterns and effects as well.

Clad an Accent Wall

Stone cladding is one of the best ways to retain the natural look of the stone and give your home a feel that’s both wild & modern at the same time. Not only is it visually appealing but it reinforces your walls as well.

Using mosaics of stones such as granite, slate or marble wall tiles can create interesting styles. Because stone cladding is often highly textured it might be preferable to use it on an accent wall. This way you can create a more three-dimensional effect without making the room feel too busy. By doing this, you can display the stone in a way that its natural properties can be appreciated.

Spruce Up Your Shower

Upscaling your house doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to redo entire walls. Using wall tiles marble products in your shower can transform your bathroom and give it a more luxurious feel. Because marble is water resistant when it’s sealed correctly, it makes an ideal bathroom renovation material. It’s also easy to clean so your walls stay pristine even after you’ve used your shower extensively.

Granite and slate also have water resistant properties which makes them suitable for shower walls as well. In all cases, it’s important to make sure they’re grouted properly to prevent any leaks. Using a different type or color of the stone on the walls outside the shower will also enhance the room’s deluxe feel.

Little Splash of Stone

Backsplashes are kitchen necessities if you want to prevent your walls from gathering mold or rotting. Because natural stone is water resistant, it does a superb job at protecting your walls. They’re also a way for you to give your kitchen an aesthetic edge. With an impactful backsplash, your kitchen transcends boring.

If you want a room that’s sophisticated, polished wall tiles marble surfaces and natural stone effects will give it the class that you’re looking for. Otherwise, you can go for a more rustic look by cladding stones such as slate or granite. A natural stone backsplash focuses the design without drawing attention away from other features in the room, making it a small art piece in a grand design.

A Blank Slate

Chalkboard walls are a unique way of taking accent walls and making them better. Although chalkboard paint is available, natural slate walls are easier to clean and are also more durable. Your entire family can have fun writing out daily schedules or leaving each other messages.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a look that’s sophisticated, the sleek black look of natural slate gives your room an industrial feel. Drawing Mandala designs on the walls or other complicated patterns will transform the room from playground fun to cosmopolitan chic. The best part is that when you’re bored of one design you can always change it.

Create Contrast

If you can afford it, you should consider using natural stone in as many of your home renovation projects as possible. You can never have too much natural stone. The challenge is to balance out the room with different:

  • Textures
  • Patterns
  • Colors
  • Types of stone

For example, you could try using tumbled wall tiles marble products and similar items in the same space as honed marble wall tiles to explore different textures. You could even place marble wall tiles beside granite or slate. If you really want to use marble you can reflect walls with floors.

Try using black marble tiles with white veins on the floor and white tiles with black veins on the walls (or whatever color combination you prefer). Finding ways to make different stone elements work with each other will leave an impression.

Consider the Exterior

Natural stone isn’t only meant for your interior walls. Cladding your exterior walls can either give your house a rustic look or go the other way and come out looking futuristic. Because wall tiles in marble scratch easily, it might be preferable to use sturdier stones such as granite or slate. If you can find a way to make marble work for you, then go for it.

Not only does it look impressive but it supports the walls as well. Building exterior walls out of natural stone can make your house sturdier.

Before You Go

Improving the look of your walls can transform the ambiance in a room. Whether you’re looking for sleek & stylish or warm & comfortable, your walls impact this as much as your furniture or floors. On top of this, wall renovations increase the value of your home so you have a better resale price.

The advantages of upgrading your walls are endless. With so many ideas, you won’t even recognize your house when you’re done applying them. Which project are you going to try out first?

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