Using Color to Enhance Space—6 Tips with White Marble Tile

Using Color to Enhance Space—6 Tips with White Marble Tile

Want to beautifully enhance your living space? By simply adding a touch of color, you can instantly give your space a modern look. White is known to create a “clean” atmosphere. And not forgetting how it gives the illusion of more space. And incorporating white marble tile is the right place to start. We’ll admit that it’s not the cheapest tile on the market, but it’s still worth considering.

But why pick white marble tile?

White marble tile is known to be very elegant and classy, not forgetting how visually attractive it is. A good example that leaves a stunning finish is the beautiful honed white marble tile. Because white marble has been trusted by many homeowners for years, it’s clear that it’s also timeless. Plus you’ll appreciate how it will instantly add value to your property.

We’ll give you a few pointers on how you can enhance your living space with white marble tile.

Pick the Right Shade

Contrary to public opinion, white marble tiles are available in different types and shades. To ensure that your structure looks attractive you can consider:

  • Painting your walls all white to complement your white marble tiles.
  • Use pale or medium shades of gray on your wall in contrast to the white marble tile.
  • Select backdrops that have pale shades as opposed to bolder colors. This way attention won’t be detracted from your beautiful white marble tiles.

Where to Place it

White marble tile is loved for its ability to give your space a luxurious and clean look. But this happens depending on how—or where—you use it. Ideally, tiles like the honed white marble tiles and polished white marble will look best in the following spaces:

  • Bathrooms
  • Sinks & tubs
  • Kitchen walls
  • Backsplashes
  • Fireplaces

Where Not to Place it

Note that there are some spaces where you must avoid placing white marble tile because of certain characteristics. Though it’ll look stunning in your kitchen, avoid placing it on kitchen countertops because of the following reasons.

Scratches Easily

Compared to other material like granite, white marble tile is soft—even though it’s still natural stone.

The upside to this characteristic is that it’ll feel more comfortable under your feet if you use it for flooring. But the drawback is that since it’s softer, under the wrong conditions white marble tile is prone to:

  • Scratching
  • Scraping
  • Chipping

Unfortunately, these marks are made even more visible if you polish them. And since such tiles can’t be repaired, this means you have to replace the entire unit.

Heat Resistance

White marble tile is also heat resistant. This means you can’t place hot items on it. This will result in severe discoloration. Unfortunately, this discoloration is irreparable and will negatively affect the general aesthetics of your structure. This is yet another reason why you must not use it on countertops.

Proper Maintenance

Though white marble like honed white marble leaves a stunning finish, make sure that you care for it properly. That’s the only way you can guarantee it looks beautiful for longer periods. Be sure to keep the following characteristics

Marble is Porous

White marble tile is generally porous in nature meaning it stains easily. To avoid any unsightly stains that’ll mess up your entire aesthetics make sure that you:

  • Seal the tile properly during tiling
  • Reseal it every now and again to keep the pores sealed—preferably do this annually
  • Use grout sealer to also seal the grout lines
  • Clean it regularly

Susceptible to Water Damage

White tile marble is also susceptible to water damage. Since it’s porous in nature, it also means that it encourages water penetration and staining if it comes into contact with colorful liquid agents. To avoid this it’s wise to:

  • Apply a chemical penetrating sealer
  • Apply a surface sealer after installation

Slippery Surfaces

Since white marble tile allows water penetration, the surface is likely to be slippery when wet. As mentioned earlier, some people may place them in bathrooms or kitchen floors. But to avoid accidental slips it’s a good idea to:

  • Use non-slip rugs in these areas especially if using highly polished white marble tile
  • Opt for less polished forms of white marble tile

Ensure Proper Installation

Since marble tile is relatively soft, it, unfortunately, has a higher chance of:

  • Cracking
  • Breaking
  • Chipping

The above factors can be significantly reduced if the tile is properly installed. This means that if you desire a lasting structure, it’s in your best interests to hire a professional installer for the job. You won’t be doing yourself any favors by hiring the cheapest contractor you come across.

White marble tile by nature is generally difficult to install. This is because natural stone is very difficult to cut and drill. And this is why we certainly don’t encourage any DIY installations.

A professional installer will ensure that there are no gaps between the material and the subfloor. These are the weak points that are likely to break under even the slightest pressure is gaps exist. A pro knows how to prevent this.

Buy Extra Tiles

As seen, your tiles may break, chip or become stained. And marble tiles generally come in various colors and veining. Antique white marble tile is a good example that comes with unique veining.

This makes it almost impossible to get the exact same tile from the same quarry for replacement purposes. And this is where the extra set of tiles comes in handy.

If you decide to go with white marble tile, consider buying an extra box of tiles for your project and keep it in storage. It may seem unnecessary and costly now, but this beats the alternative of not finding a replacement in the future.


White is timeless and opens up any room by giving the illusion of more floor space. Use it to your advantage when working with marble, keep the above tips in mind and you’ll enjoy a stunning space—and view—that lasts longer.

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