Why Everybody Wants To Buy The Absolute Black Flamed Granite Tile

Why Everybody Wants To Buy The Absolute Black Flamed Granite Tile

There are some things that never go out of style, including the color black. Black is the color of authority, power, stability, and strength. It is a versatile color that can be modern and traditional, exciting or relaxing. For all of this and a lot of other reasons, black colored granite stones have been very popular for decades. Absolute flamed granite tiles give a feeling of luxury and comfort. It can be used to elevate the look of your kitchen, hallway, living room or bathroom. But before we unearth the popularity of these tiles and stones, let us understand why they are called ‘flamed’ granite.

The Origin of the Flamed Look

The word ‘flamed’ refers to the finishing of the black granite. Black granite is generally rough in texture and is smoothened with the process of flaming. When the stone is blasted high heat, the surface of the black granite bursts and blisters, which creates a unique feel and look. In contrast, the muted black granite tiles are created with charcoal and tan.

Image source: Aro Marble

Absolute black flamed granite is also known as Nero Absolute or Jet Black granite and is a must-have at home if you want to escape into the magnificence and depth of this beautiful element. The unmatched depth and color is just the thing you need for your kitchen slab or flooring! This exotic stone offers the perfect monochrome, ideal for contrasting with light, pastel tones of kitchenettes, tapestries, linen, and metallic faucets.

Giving Your Homes a Contemporary Feel with Granite

With high consistency in texture and pattern, granite is a highly desirable stone for using both inside and outside houses. Originating from quarries in Southern India and China, the oriental feel of black granite complements extremely well with the chic trends of contemporary designs. Widely recognized as the 'best black' in the market, this stone is perfect for giving a modern look to your home.

Image source: Natural Stone City

Apart from the style quotient, another reason for the popularity of granite tile is its utility as granite can stand well to regular wear and tear and are considered one of the most durable stones available. For a bustling family home, this stone is recommended for it is highly resistant to stains and has a long life. It is suitable for outdoor use in both freezing and non-freezing climate and does not lose its finish even after extensive use.

Luxurious yet Reliable: The Absolute Black Flamed Granite Tile

Because granite is such a hard material, it is also commonly used as a kitchen countertop. It can resist heat, making it ideal for use near a stove. Even if you directly keep hot pans on your granite tile, it won’t get damaged or weakened. They are stain and slip resistant unlike marble, which can pose a great threat when exposed to large amounts of moisture. Absolute black flamed granite tiles, therefore, not only add a classic touch to your home but are also a reliable option to use in places such as kitchens, hallways, and living rooms.

All in all, absolute black flamed granite tiles are the perfect choice for people looking at both elegance and durability. With a lot more homogeneous visual appearance, it represents the idea of "high fashion". Contact us to know more about the range and size of the absolute black flamed granite tile available at our store.

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