7 Reasons Why Limestone Tile is a Construction Favorite

7 Reasons Why Limestone Tile is a Construction Favorite

Industry experts favor limestone tile for a number of reasons. But the main reason it’s widely sought after is that it can be used for numerous building projects. And you’ll agree that a versatile product is always a good idea.

Today we’ll briefly outline some of the most important reasons limestone tile is trusted among building experts. Who knows? You might realize it’s exactly what you need to spruce up your space.

#1: Variety of Applications

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why limestone tile is very popular is because you can use them for various applications including:

  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Walls
  • Backsplashes
  • Fireplace exterior

A good example of such tiles includes those made of stone limestone and brushed stone limestone. These types can be used in the above-mentioned areas.

#2: Durability

You’ll agree; when looking for tiling material—or any building material for that matter—durability is paramount. You want tiles that will last longer and not give in to any premature wear and tear. And this is precisely why limestone tile is trusted by most building experts.

Did you know: the great pyramids of Egypt are constructed only using limestone. Limestone is known to result in both durable and strong structures. This is probably why any by-products of limestone—including tiles—are widely preferred.

When we talk about durability, we mean that limestone tile can endure:

  • Time
  • Changing weather patterns
  • Changing seasons

Good examples of durable and hardwearing limestone tiles are the natural cleft face with gauged back limestone tile. These tiles are formed according to the right temperatures and pressures resulting in cement layers of mineral deposits building over time.

The end result is a tile that can resist wear and tear.

Note however that limestone is generally porous in nature. So to ensure this durability make sure you use the tiles with sealants. This way not only will the tiles become moisture resistant but also long-lasting.

Also, most types, for example, honed limestone tiles can’t handle freezing conditions so keep that in mind.

#3: Easy to Shape

Limestone tile is generally easy to shape into different shapes and sizes. This means you can easily cut limestone tile into your desired shape. As result, you can use it on almost any area regardless of shape.

A good example is the Natural Limestone which has had all the bumps and ridges removed. This means you can even use it for fireplace surrounds because it’s easy to shape.

#4: Easily Accessible

Not all tiling materials are readily available or easily accessible. Fortunately, limestone tiles aren’t part of those rare building materials. Regardless of the area you’re working on, you don’t have to worry about leaving your construction project half done because of shortage of materials. Limestone tile can be easily accessed in a number of countries.

#5: High Strength

Limestone tile is also a construction favorite because of its high tensile strength. You won’t be dealing with chipped tiles after a few months if you use limestone tile. Even if you decide to use it in high traffic areas where it’s constantly being trampled on—like hallways—it won’t break easily.

This means limestone tile is designed to withstand external forces caused by:

  • Stress
  • Shear
  • Torsion

This high strength is as a result of the material’s relatively high density. And also the fact that most of these tiles are compact in nature also significantly contributes to their strength. Limestone tile is made up of fine grains of limestone rock which allows compactness. This, in turn, increases the general strength of the tiles.

Though limestone tile products are strong, they’re actually quite soft. Unlike some of the stones on the market which are hard, limestone tiles feel relatively soft underfoot. This means you can definitely use them in high traffic areas.

Natural cleft face and back natural limestone is one good example that you can use in these busy spaces.

#6: Stunning Aesthetics

The number one reason why building experts use tiles is to enhance the visual aspects of the chosen area. Tiles are known to instantly transform the general outlook of a certain space and limestone tiles won’t disappoint in that regard. Because they feature small fine particles of limestone rock, these tiles can be highly polished which leads to the following:

  • The final result is a stunning and very smooth surface associated with most surface finishing. Polished limestone tile is one of the most common types that gives off an effortlessly stylish appearance.
  • Manufacturers can design a wide variety of limestone tiles giving you more options to pick from. This means you can offer your clients various options of limestone tile designs and surface finishing.
  • Limestone tile can be manufactured in different color variants as well as shades. As a result, you can easily meet the different requirements and needs of almost any buyer.

Some of the most stunning shades include the Jerusalem Gold Dark Limestone Tiles.

#7: Resistant to Corrosion and Slipping

Another factor you’ll appreciate regarding limestone tile is that it’s resistant to corrosion. This means you can use it to pave your outdoor patio which is often exposed to rain. You don’t have to worry about water prematurely corroding and altering the appearance of your floor.

This essentially means if you pick limestone tile, your floor will look as good as new for longer compared to other construction material types.

Also, some types of limestone tiles are known for their slip-resistant properties. Honed limestone tile is one such example. The honed finish provides superior traction compared to other tiles. This provides a sleeker finish and they’re ideally suited for areas that are likely to become wet & slippery for example:

  • Bathrooms
  • Porches
  • Entrance halls


Judging from the reasons mentioned above, it’s not surprising why limestone tile is a construction favorite. For the versatility and multiple functionalities it offers, it’s definitely worth considering for your next project.

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