Corporate Buildings – How Marble Benefits 21st Century

Corporate Buildings – How Marble Benefits 21st Century

Marble is a metamorphic (changeable) rock that forms when limestone is subjected to extensive heat and pressure that lead to metamorphism. The components of marble are usually made up of minerals such as calcite, clay, mica, quartz, pyrite, graphite, iron and oxides.

The calcite in the limestone recrystallizes which form a rock that has interlocking calcite crystals. Dolomite marble is a related rock which is created when dolostone is subjected to heat and pressure.

Marble has been used in construction and art for its aesthetics & strength for centuries. There are many other benefits to using marble for construction that’s often overlooked but before we give you the advantages let’s delve into the history of marble construction.

The History of Marble Construction

Marble is a robust and versatile stone that has been used to build mega structures for centuries. The reach of limestone and marble is far & wide as it’s been used in Asian architecture as well as European & American construction.

Limestone and marble can be cut & curved easily making it an ideal material for sculpting. It was one of the well-known materials Michelangelo used to sculpt most of his statues.

Marble was used in ancient times because it’s extremely weather resistant and it maintains its beauty making it suitable for interior & exterior design. There are many historical buildings around the world made from marble that you might not have known about such:  

  • Taj Mahal in India
  • The Coliseum in Rome, Italy
  • Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
  • Washington Monument in Washington DC
  • The Supreme Court in Washington DC

3 Different Types of Marble

There are vast varieties of colors in marble used for interior and exterior architecture. Depending on the style and design of the building a different color might be used to compliment the aesthetics of a room or building. Here you’ll find 3 different types of marble used regularly for construction.

White Marble

The freshness of white marble inspires purity and preciseness. It provides light & space to any room. White marble is used in confined spaces as well as kitchens and bathrooms. Fortunately, white can be combined with many colored marbles such as black to create unique interior designs.

Types of white marble include:

Cream Marble

The shade of cream combines well with neutral colors such as beige and ivory which creates a harmonious atmosphere to any area of a house or building. Cream marble is one of the most popular shades of marble as it’s used by many architects and interior designers.

Types of cream marble include:

  • Oyster cream
  • Ivory cream
  • Crema Valencia
  • Afyon cream

Black Marble

The color black is associated with luxury and elegance. It’s recommended that black marble only be used in rooms that are well lit and large spaces such as expansive kitchens. You can also use black marble for cladding (coating on a structure) and facades (front facing side of a building).

Types of black marble include:

Why Use Marble For 21st Century Construction?


Marble is one of the most durable natural stones you can use for construction. Ancient buildings made with marble such as The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Taj Mahal are prime examples of how marble buildings can stand the test of time. 

Marble is resistant to erosion, weather, and climate which make it suitable for exterior construction.

Heat Resistant

Marble, as well as granite, are known to be the most heat resistant out of all the natural rocks. This makes marble the ideal material to construct houses and buildings in regions with higher temperatures.

Most chefs and professional bakers use marble tiling or countertops in their kitchens because it stays cool, almost like a natural air conditioner. 

Fire Resistant

Marble is extremely fire resistant which makes it an ideal raw material to be used in commercial construction. Normal office buildings wood and other flammable materials will most likely burn down quickly. Even if the fire is put out there will be extensive damage that can’t be repaired easily. With marble, this isn’t a problem.

If building interiors and exteriors were made with marble there would be less damage in case of fires as the marble won’t burn & the damages will be easy to repair.

Marble is Affordable

Although marble may seem like it’s expensive because of the beauty of the raw material, it’s actually quite affordable. Although prices may vary depending on the thickness, design, and type of marble, it’s known to be more affordable than quartz or granite.

Final Thoughts - The Best Marble Flooring for Businesses

The type of tiles you use can either make or break the interior of a room. For businesses that seek a natural look at low costs marble is definitely the material to use. Marble creates an elegant and spacious feel for any office building. In business, the flooring is a key feature that signifies cleanliness.

For each section of your business, you must select marble tiles that will accentuate the décor, shape, and design of a room. The most important areas to concentrate on are the reception area & the bathrooms as these are frequented by employees, but also your clients and business partners.

Reception Area Marble Tiling

It’s best to use neutral colors for office reception areas. The ideal tiles to use for flooring in a reception area are Emperador light marble tiles. The color of the Emperador marble tiles creates an atmosphere of light and space.  

A well-lit room creates a pleasant ambiance and you want this atmosphere in the reception area of a business as this is the area with the most foot traffic. And you want to impress the people that enter your building, right?

Other tiles you can use are:

Tiling the Bathroom Area

The marble flooring of a bathroom in a business should be well lit and therefore lighter tiles should be used such as antique marble flooring. These marble tiles come in a variety of shades such as Crema Marfil to create an elegant and stylish bathroom.

You can complement the look of your bathroom by using fixtures that match the marble flooring.


Any business can look stylish and professional depending on the architecture & décor. Using natural materials will bring a feeling of sophistication with a touch of ancient architectural roots to your business.

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