White and Black Galaxy Granite Floor Tiles: Standing the Test of Time

White and Black Galaxy Granite Floor Tiles: Standing the Test of Time

There is such a diverse range of natural stone suitable for tiling, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choice. This month, we hone in on a popular type of granite, often used to make floor tiles: Galaxy granite.

Broadly speaking, the unique element of Galaxy granite is its sparkle. Within the rock, there are thousands of light-reflecting crystals. These crystals appear at different depths, and so as you look closely at the face of the material, you can see within it, rather than just the surface.

These crystals look like stars, hence the “Galaxy” moniker. This is particularly true with black Galaxy granite, which looks like the darkest night sky lit up by sparkling stars.

Galaxy granite floor tiles are popular and have been for many years now. The reason for its enduring appeal isn’t solely about the way it looks, but this certainly helps.

As with any polished stone tile, a huge benefit of using such a material is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. A flat, non-porous surface is far easier to keep in great condition than fabric, timber or a similar material, especially in high-volume areas such as kitchens and hallways.

What Is Granite?

Granite is known for its hardness and durability. It has been used throughout history as a building material of high quality, and its functionality is undeniable. But what granite actually is and how it is formed is fascinating, and learning more about this important material will allow you to better appreciate your granite surfaces.

Granite is an intrusive igneous rock. An igneous rock is one that has solidified after being molten. This is not to be confused with the two other major types of rock, sedimentary — which includes sandstone — and metamorphic, which includes slate and marble.

The meaning of “intrusive” in this context means that the molten rock has been cooled within the earth, rather than outside of the earth’s crust. In this case, the cooling process is steadier than that of other igneous rocks.

This slow cooling is one of the main reasons behind the larger, very beautiful crystals that we tend to see within granite. Different minerals within the rock form and solidify at different points in the rock’s history, which accounts for the variance in appearance across granites. This means that every piece of granite is naturally unique.

Galaxy Granite Tiles: Black, White, or Both?

With Galaxy granite, you can choose between black and white variants. Each has its own character and can bring its unique features to the room in which it is laid.

Both light and dark variants are ideally suited to use as a floor tile, as they are able to sustain high traffic and will not scuff easily. Of course, with a lighter floor, dirt and dust will show up more readily, but the flat, polished surface makes cleaning very easy.

Choosing the dark, black Galaxy granite as a floor tile isn’t a gloomy choice. The polished finish will reflect a lot of light, and the minerals we have spoken about in the formation of the granite will shine brightly when they catch even the smallest piece of light.

Walking on black Galaxy granite can feel like you are walking on the night sky, as the depth from the material’s look is so compelling and textured.

Grey Wall Tiles in Modern Kitchen

Combining the white and black Galaxy granite can make for a beautiful contrast as well. One highlights the other, and this can work especially well in a kitchen or other room with high humidity that needs to be kept as clean as possible.

Depth, Aesthetics, and Allure

The real reason granite has stood the test of time as a building material is its undeniable durability. There are very few materials that are as versatile as they are hard-wearing.

Yes, granite is more durable than marble, which is an otherwise similar, hard rock. But for Galaxy granite tiles specifically, the allure is not only about their longevity but their beauty.

Whether you opt for gorgeous bright white tiling or a deep, comforting darkness, you get a richness that simply isn’t present in other materials. Even a backsplash will feel like a centerpiece with the use of this material.

Using this material for sections of the kitchen is another popular idea. Black Galaxy granite complements contrasting colors, so go for something neutral, bright or pale. Think glossy white kitchen units or understated pale, matte cabinet doors for an attractive and elegant look.

You will wow guests with Galaxy granite’s absolute opacity, outright dignity, and unquestioning style.

Browse our full range of granite tiles today, including White Galaxy and Black Galaxy.

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