So you’ve decided that it’s about time that you remodeled your home, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start?

Well, fret no further; you’ve come to the right place. Throughout this guide, we will go through everything related to home renovations, be it what to look for in a contractor before hiring them or the tiniest details you should pay attention to in your kids’ room.

The guide can be split up into two major parts: the first part consists of three chapters, each dealing with a different phase of preparing for your renovation and laying the groundwork for the rest of the house. The second phase of the guide is made up of 7 chapters, each focusing on a different room and detailing all the renovations you could do in said room. Let’s do a quick rundown of all the chapters in this guide.

  • Chapter 1: Preparation Makes Perfect - The first chapter of this guide starts with the most essential question of all: why are you doing the renovation in the first place? Once your motivations are clear to you, we move on to discussing how you can plan and budget for the project as well as pick a contractor whom you trust to do a good job. At the end of the chapter, we will look at some of the required documents that you will need to turn your house into a palace.
  • Chapter 2: The Design - The second chapter deals with putting your plans on paper before hammering a single nail. This is the creative part of the job, and you could elect to do the job yourself, or you could leave it to a professional. We will explore the merits and the drawbacks of both scenarios along with some of the basic design concepts you should know should you choose to go at it yourself.
  • Chapter 3: The Groundwork - Probably our longest and most varied chapter - here we talk about all the necessary work you’ll have to do before and during your renovation. This includes working on the roof, the foundations, the plumbing, and the flooring. We will also look at how you can change the layout of your place and end the chapter on how you can make your house more eco-friendly.
  • Chapter 4: The Kitchen and Dining Room - We will look into the different kitchen styles and layouts along with the appliances you might want to try out. Additionally, we will discuss the possible ways you could renovate your dining room.
  • Chapter 5: The Bathroom - When discussing bathrooms, we will look into the different trends that have flooded the scene in the past two years. We will also investigate how you can create shared bathrooms for you and your loved ones and talk about different aspects as well, such as figuring out whether you’re better off with a shower or a tub.
  • Chapter 6: The Living Room Seeing as the living room is usually the most frequented room in the entire house, it is important to settle on a focal point for it. Other than that, you should strive to make it as comfortable and accommodating as possible. This can happen through visual appeal, the decorations, or actual physical comfort, the furniture.
  • Chapter 7: The Bedroom This is the room where you spend the most amount of time when you’re at home even though you are asleep for most of it. Therefore, this is arguably the most important room in the entire house. With that in mind, we’ll look at the concept of feng shui and see how you can apply it to your own living space. We will also delve into how you can pick the perfect bed and mattress for you.
  • Chapter 8: The Children’s Room - Picking the right style for your children’s room can help create the perfect ambiance for them to develop and grow. We will also see how you can decorate the room depending on your child’s age group as well as look into how you can help create a harmonious shared room for your children.
  • Chapter 9: A Spare Room - Nearing the end of our guide, we will talk about how you can make a spare room suit your needs, whatever they may be: home office, guest room, gym, or even relaxation room.
  • Chapter 10: The Exterior - Creating a scenic surrounding for your house can increase your resale value, so we’ll dive into the different ways you can make your home’s exterior be just as special as the interior, be it through landscaping, outdoor hang-outs, or walkways and paths.


Now that we have made a quick overview of what this guide offers, let's move to the most important aspect: the preparation

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