Cobble stones were the first and original type of pavers that were used a few centuries ago for public roads and pathways. In the past, people found cobble stones along riverbanks. Today, they are produced from natural stones – they are cut and shaped from sandstone, limestone, and granite.

  • Belgian Block LHDCOBGBELBLO48

    MSI Belgian Block Granite Cobble - Hand Cut

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  • Giallo Fantasia LCOBGGIAFAN44T

    MSI Giallo Fantasia Granite Cobble - Tumbled

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  • Grey Granite Cobble - 4" x 4" x 2" Natural Cleft Face & Back

    Gray Granite Cobble - Natural Cleft Face & Back

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    Rustic, earthy grays Unique, non-uniform pattern Built to last stone Natural finish helps add character Ideal for use in a range of outdo...

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  • Impala Black LCOBGIMPBLK44T

    MSI Impala Black Granite Cobble - Tumbled

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    Cobbles are a charming way to create useable paths and walkways. As a winding surface through the lush vegetation of your garden, a little patio for your fire pit or as a pretty border, stone cobbles are an easy way to add a defined space that will keep weeds at bay and give you a clean surface to walk on.

    Cobbles are most popular in a tumbled finish with uneven lines and rounded corners for a worn appearance. This style means they don’t have to be set perfectly to look great and can enrich the environment by introducing a natural stone that blends into its surroundings with casual grace.

    At Stone & Tile, we have a huge range of cobble setts available in loads of colors, sizes, and styles, so you can find a cobble sett to suit your home with ease! They are suitable for a variety of uses including driveways, paving, and paths in both public spaces and private gardens. Use our natural stone setts to provide a traditional or contemporary feel and add value to your residential or commercial project.


    Cobble for Paving

    Cobblestone pavers are among the oldest paving materials that are still in wide use today. These decorative stones make up some of the best-preserved roads in various parts of the world, particularly in Rome and many American villages. Today, they are gaining growing popularity in various commercial, residential, and public spaces and rank as among the most preferred paving materials. Due to the rugged natural texture and exceptional durability, cobbles are ideal for traditional or contemporary paths, patios, and driveways. 

    Cobble stone pavers are so versatile that they often become important features like garden edging for residential garden settings. This type of pavers will add contour and shape to the garden and give it a standout decorative appeal. Timeless and rustic, cobbles make a great addition to any garden, offering a long-lasting surface that is guaranteed to stay in style for ages.


    Granite Cobbles

    Granite cobbles are an age-old classic that never goes out of fashion. Granite cobblestones’ most important characteristic is their high strength, durability, and excellent decorative properties. Made from granite, they are also durable and long-lasting by nature, as well as easy to install and very low maintenance, making them suitable for a variety of high traffic areas. Besides, granite cobbles offer increased resistance to adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage. The lifetime of products from this natural stone often lasts for many decades, and sometimes even hundreds of years.

    Granite setts can be a very good alternative to concrete block paving. Granite will withstand a lot more wear and tear than the equivalent concrete products, and the lovely coloring characteristic of natural granite can not be truly re-created with imitation products. Granite cobblestones are a superb edging material for driveways, gardens, patios, and walkways. It is also often used as building material for low retaining walls and fireplace projects. They keep grass out and make a crisp lawn edging for walkways while enhancing the look of your property. Granite cobbles are ideal for any project. They can also be integrated into your patio with other natural stone to add texture and flair to the design.

    Granite setts, both beautiful and highly durable, offer a range of color and finish that makes them versatile enough for a place in both contemporary and traditional designs. With a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes, granite cobblestones can be used for any project, commercial or residential. Colors range from red, black, green, gold, yellow, gray, and silver.

    A traditional looking stone, granite cobbles are a fantastic option for creating a rustic feel and will give any courtyard space an impressive finish. With a versatile edge, the granite cobbles can also be used with contemporary design materials to create an on-trend garden or bespoke feature.

    Are you looking for granite cobbles to add a classical look to your home? At Stone & Tile, we can provide you with stunning high-quality granite cobbles that will truly stand the test of time. Our granite setts will allow you to capture the traditional charm of granite, and to bring a little bit of history to your project. Use our granite cobbles to create breathtakingly beautiful external paving that will retain its good looks for years!


    Stone Cobbles

    Natural stone cobbles are ideal for pathways, patios, paving edging or driveways. They create a rustic, old-world elegance with weatherproof durability. With unique colors and textures, stone setts and cobble paving work beautifully within both traditional and modern styled gardens, pathways, and patio areas. Stone cobbles are great for all landscaping projects and offer an exceptional decorative presence in any garden. Whether you want to fill a small or large area, cobbles can add a stylish and elegant feel to an outdoor space. They will help you add charm to your exterior and enhance your landscaping design.

    Are you looking for the perfect stone to add a touch of character to your driveway or outdoor area or to create some old-style charm? Due to the variety of colors and textures available, cobbles are used not only for practical purposes on roads and pathways but for aesthetic design purpose as well – as borders around driveways and patios and as subtle ground markers for dividing areas. No other material lends a more classic look to your home exterior than cobblestone. Cobblestones are the perfect solution for commercial and residential property.

    If you want to bring a fabulous sense of style to your garden, stone cobbles offer a perfect solution. Stone & Tile offers a wide range of natural stone cobbles for paving or edging your garden or driveway. Explore our selection of stone cobbles that can add a unique touch for your landscaping and paving projects.

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