MSI tile is perfect for a wide range of interior design projects. Durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean, it is ideal for busy kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, and commercial environments, giving them a fresh, updated look, and stylish detail. With innovative styles that vary in color, texture, and pattern, these stunning tiles can suit nearly every home design.

  • Loft Glacier NLOFGLA1224

    MSI Loft Glacier Porcelain Tile - Matte

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    Price:  $3.59  / Sqft
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  • Tuscany Scabas TTSCAB1212HF

    MSI Tuscany Scabas Travertine Tile - Filled & Honed

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    Price:  $7.69  / Sqft
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  • Tuscany Ivory THDW1-T-IVO-3X6
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  • Terrado Peninsula Sand LPNLEPENSAN6
  • Terrado Peninsula Earth LPNLEPENEAR6
  • Terrado Peninsula Cream LPNLEPENCRE6
  • Terrado Copen Snow LPNLECOPSNO6
  • Terrado Copen Ash LPNLECOPASH6
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Silver LPNLTSIL624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Silver Canyon LPNLMSILCAN618COR
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Silver Canyon LPNLMSILCAN624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Sierra Blue LPNLQSIEBLU618COR
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Sierra Blue LPNLQSIEBLU624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Rustic Gold LPNLSRUSGLD624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Roman Beige LPNLTROMBEI624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Golden White LPNLQGLDWHI624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Coal Canyon LPNLQCOACAN624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Charcoal Pencil LPNLSCHA624-PEN
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Casa Blend 3D LPNLTCASBLE624-3DH
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Canyon Creek LPNLQCANCRE624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel California Gold LPNLSCALGLD618COR
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel California Gold LPNLSCALGLD624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Arctic White LPNLQARCWHI624
  • RockMount Stacked Stone Panel Amber Falls LPNLQAMBFAL624
  • At Stone & Tile, you can find a gorgeous selection of MSI tiles of superior quality. They come in a wide range of bold patterns, interesting textures, and vivid colors, and all of them are made with long-lasting materials.  MSI tile is a timeless choice that lends endless possibilities and can complement any design style, helping create truly unique looks.

    MSI Tile and Stone

    At our store, you can find perfect solutions for all your tile design needs. You can choose from a variety of MSI tile and stone options that are ideal for a wide range of applications in residential and commercial settings. MSI tile and stone flooring is available in a wide range of materials, styles, and colors. MSI tile and stone come in numerous sizes and shapes, including large format tiles.

    With MSI tiles, you don’t have to be an interior design pro to create a stunning bathroom or kitchen. Whether your style is rustic, classic, or contemporary, you can easily find tiles to transform your space.

    MSI Porcelain Tile

    MSI porcelain tile can give your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or other interior space a touch of contemporary detail. Contemporary porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, finishes, colors, and patterns. Each MSI porcelain tile features variations of color, tone, and texture that make it unique. Enhance your space with these exquisite tiles that open the door to fresh and innovative design ideas.

    MSI porcelain tile combines style and durability. It is less likely to chip, crack, or break, even when exposed to difficult conditions. Some porcelain tiles can be installed outdoors, and they are great for outdoor patios and decks.

    MSI Mosaic

    MSI mosaic tile makes a good option for decorating your floors and walls. You can add mosaic tiles to your kitchen or bathroom for an instant refresh. MSI mosaic can satisfy the tastes of modern and classic decorators. It is an easy way to achieve that unique aesthetic you desire.

    Choose MSI mosaic tile to add appealing texture, color, and pattern to walls and floors and to establish a foundation of a specific decorating style that suits your individual aesthetics. They can add a playful feel and lively visual interest to your home space.

    MSI Marble Tile

    MSI marble tile is classic and contemporary all at once. It offers a timeless appeal and can complement nearly all design aesthetics. MSI marble tile can blend effortlessly with a range of color palettes and is great for adding a touch of luxury to your space.

    MSI marble tile is synonymous with luxury, and they can complement a wide range of decorative looks, from classic to cottage. These elegant tiles are a fantastic choice for creating stunning marble countertops, marble tile floors, statement kitchen islands, shower surrounds, and backsplashes.

    MSI Granite Tile

    Granite is a hard-wearing and versatile material, and it has a beautiful appearance. So, it is a popular choice in home renovations. No two slabs of granite are quite identical, even when they come from the same quarry, creating the potential for beautiful and diverse patterns and designs. Granite tiles are a popular flooring choice because they are resilient, strong, and come in a number of unique color options. They are also easy to maintain.

    MSI granite tile is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, including bathrooms, BBQ counter surrounds, accent walls, floors, and countertops. MSI granite tile is also an exceptional option for exterior walls. They come in many styles, so you can easily find an elegant tile that matches your existing home décor and your taste preferences.

    MSI granite tile will look fantastic and is suitable for different interior design and home decorating styles, from country home style to classic, contemporary, and eco style. They are sure to increase the resale value of your home. Install these gorgeous tiles to add a warm tone to your home and give your space character and sophistication.
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