Pebbles are extremely versatile in their range of applications and can add earthy elegance to indoor and outdoor spaces. River pebbles have been used in building and decorating for centuries and are perfect for decorating homes, patios, and gardens. They look fabulous in outdoor rooms and in-home interiors, creating beautiful accent walls and decorating floors. Modern interior design ideas often incorporate pebble rock into floor and wall decoration, creating amazing textured surfaces and accent walls. Natural, pleasant and almost neutral colors of pebble stone add tranquility to modern interior design.

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  • Black Marble Pebble - 12" x 12" Flat Matte
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  • 3 Color Mixed Marble Pebble - 12" x 12" Rounded Polished
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    Natural stone pebbles are a fantastic material for yard landscaping and designing a beautiful garden with unique and fabulous paths created with beach pebbles. Landscaping pebbles are great for front yard and backyard hardscaping. They add a natural feel, pleasant color combinations, and amazing accents to your outdoor living spaces and garden design.

    If you are planning a natural theme for your décor and are using a lot of stone, then river pebbles can help you with it. You can use natural pebble tiles in your bathroom, laundry room, mudroom, or even your kitchen. The smooth surface of pebble tiles is comfortable to stand on, and their density makes them perfect for high traffic areas in your home. Pebble tiles are made in light and dark colors, which means they can complement almost any décor. You can create beautiful mosaics in your bathroom or shower by mixing large pieces of stone and small pebble tiles along the walls and floor. Pebble tiles often have a non-slip surface, so they are perfect for rooms with excessive water and moisture risk. Since pebble tiles are made from natural stone pebbles, they can withstand the highest traffic areas of your home. 

    At Stone & Tile, we have a variety of marble and onyx decorative pebbles that are assembled and fixed into tiles which can be used to enhance the décor of your home. You can buy decorative pebbles in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes at the best prices. Explore our broad selection of pebbles ideal for a wide variety of applications!


    Pebble rock on Walls

    When it comes to a natural stone tile that’s environmentally sourced and ideal for a wide variety of applications, the pebble stone is an easy choice. Using beach pebbles for interior decor is becoming more popular; pebble stones of every kind, whether small pebbles or larger rocks, white pebbles or black pebbles, can bring in a completely different look to your space. Natural stone pebble mosaic is an easy way to create your own unique home décor accents. The beauty of using pebbles is that they are all-natural and unique. Nobody else will have the same wall, backsplash in the kitchen, decoration in the bathroom, etc., because they are unique and cannot be identical.

    Pebbles are very simple architectural elements, and they can be added to your walls in any volume or pattern of your choice. For example, you can cover the entire vanity wall in your bathroom with pebble tile to create a dramatic focal point in an otherwise boring bathroom. As the river pebbles are irregular, the spacing of pebbles on walls doesn’t have to be perfect. They are usually easy to peel off and reposition. They are ideal for spaces with wall imperfections. If you decide to install pebbles on walls, you have to choose how tightly or loosely you’d like the spacing to create an immediate impact while concealing all those scrapes and dents. Pebbles on walls work very well in different rooms and would look beautiful in both contemporary and traditional homes.


    Pebble Stone Flooring 

    Pebble tiles can serve as great flooring because they are very durable. Pebble floors are good for indoor and outdoor use, and hard enough to provide stable coverage in even heavy-traffic areas. Pebble rock tile is an ideal choice for flooring whether it’s for bathroom or shower area or for an outdoor purpose for the feel of nature underfoot and the gorgeous look they help create in the room. While pebble stone floors may look as if they consist of individual stones, they are made from sheets of stones joined together on a layer of mesh, making installation as easy as laying ceramic tile. Most homeowners and small contractors can install pebbles flooring themselves. Pebbles flooring looks amazing and brings the beauty of nature indoors, adding charm and character to many different types of interior spaces.


    Landscaping Pebbles

    The outdoor areas of your home are just as important as those that are covered by the solid roof. Not only are they seen by you, your neighbors and passersby, but they are also often pathways for guests and even the venue for some events. That’s why patio floors are just as important, if not more, than those inside your home. They need to be beautiful and appealing to look at, but also functional and resistant, so they don’t deteriorate too fast over time. If you're looking for an outdoor project that's a bit off the beaten path, landscaping pebbles will give your yard, garden or walkway a unique and unexpected focal point.

    Pebble tiles are one of many rustic options you might choose for an outdoor project. Pebbles flooring is a system where small pebbles are mixed with epoxy resin to create a beautiful and durable nonskid coating. Landscape pebbles installed outside is especially inviting near a pool, spa, or an outdoor fountain. You can expand outdoor pebble floors out as far as you want. Outdoor pebble floors can even be used to connect a patio or sunroom. A lot of people who do not wish to upkeep a large grass lawn may install outdoor pebble floors. This option especially pertains to back yards.

    Are you looking for pebbles to give your home a trendy and natural look? Explore our selection of pebble mosaics. The smooth, natural stones are offered in both flat and round surfaces and are perfectly suited for wall and floor installations. Shop for contemporary stone pebble tile to match your style and budget

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