Multi Color Classic Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face & Back

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$7.73  / Sqft
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Also referred to as Peacock Slate, Rajah, Rajah Classic, Multi Classic, Raja Multi Classic, Kund Multicolor, or Peacock Multicolor.

This item is slightly smaller as it is cut from the bigger tile.
  • Rich purple, red, and gold multi-colored stone

  • Irregular pattern and color combination

  • Suitable for flooring, cladding, features, and backsplashes

  • Ideal for external applications

  • Natural cleft face for a textured finish

  • Natural back with a slight variation in thickness

Freezing Conditions
Walls / Backsplashes

Multi Color Classic Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face & Back - 2" x 8"

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Multi Color Classic Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face & Back - 2" x 8"

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Product Info

    Multi Color Classic slate has a beautiful tonal variation throughout the stone. From deep and rich purples to bronzed red tones and glistening golds, it's a melting pot of autumnal vibes. Each tile has its own unique blend of shades and resulting pattern. No two tiles are identical, as with most natural stones, making it the perfect way to add texture and rustic charm to your design. Its deep and luxurious color palette will make your home feel totally high-end for a very reasonable price tag.

    Slate is a study and hardwearing stone, favored for its rugged and enticing natural look. For generations, slate has been used as a classic roof tile, resisting the elements in order to protect the home beneath it. But with the discovery of colorful and mesmerizing patterned slate, it is used to create stunning designs ever more readily. It works great as a practical flooring solution and is even suitable for high traffic areas of the home. For example, you can create an inviting entrance hall that is more than capable of resisting the heavy wear and tear of muddy boots and high heels.

    This slate tile has a natural cleft face, textural and rugged, just as nature intended. This is created by cleaving the stone along its natural fault lines to form slabs of rock which are then cut to size. The stone's grooves, ridges, and imperfection are left on its surface, retaining its natural charm.

    This is a great finish, not just in terms of its design benefits, but also for the practicality it brings. The textured face provides sufficient traction so that even while wet, it does not feel slippery underfoot. This makes it perfect for use as bathroom or hallways flooring where there is likely to be a higher level of dampness. It can even be used for external applications such as patios, porches, and driveways.

    A natural cleft face is also great for those requiring a low maintenance tiling solution. Its earthy and imperfect texture does not need regular upkeep to ensure it looks its best. Instead, the stone can be left to its own devices, with just a regular clean using a pH neutral cleanser to make it look its best.

    Use Multi-Color classic slate to create a stunning backsplash in your new kitchen design. Those rich purples and golds create a feature that will draw the eye and add depth to your design. Pair it with wooden kitchen cupboards and a solid oak countertop for a classic country kitchen with a luxurious edge.

    Use it in your bathroom to add drama and intrigue. Whether you're looking for a simple sink backsplash, shower wall, or full bathroom floor, Multi-Color Classic slate is ideal. Pair it with wooden furniture for a nature-inspired design. Add a bright white bathroom suite as a stark contrast to the rugged textures. You'll have the perfect space to unwind and relax.

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