Vinyl Trim and Molding

Designed to add a finishing touch to your home interior and exterior, vinyl trim is made from PVC and is offered in a variety of lengths and widths. It can be used to frame your walls, windows, doors, and other elements you want to embellish. Plastic trim is growing in popularity because it is durable, virtually maintenance-free, and easy to install.

  • Timeless Barnboard VHTM2-00194
  • Pantheon Hd Plus Temporale VSST6-00578
  • Imperial Beech VHTM2-00185
  • Timeless Barnboard VHST2-00194
  • Distinction Plus French Oak VFSN3-00257
  • Marina VFSN2-02014
  • Franklin Joplin SDP01-565-V4IN1-04718
  • COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Portchester Oak 03Z70-02003
  • Johnsonite Fawn S102235-80-WB0004-CB4
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  • Imperial Beech TR1HS-00185
  • Tivoli Plus Lince VSTM6-00571
  • Pantheon Hd Plus Orso VSST6-00794
  • Chatter Oak VSQT1-00295
  • Dark Elm VHTMD-00915
  • Imperial Beech VHST2-00185
  • Vinyl trim and molding can help change the look and style of any home. They can be used to accentuate architecture, augment décor, and can have a dramatic effect on the way a room is perceived. Through the use of trim, you can both enhance and complete the design style you envision for the space. It‘s an excellent alternative to wood as an interior trim option as well.

    You can safely use vinyl trim in bathrooms and kitchens where water accumulation is probable. When selecting trims and moldings, it’s essential to take into account the architectural style of the home (colonial, craftsman, modern, etc.), the décor, and the location of the room. It’s important to keep the style of your trim consistent with your home style and from room to room.

    Vinyl Molding

    At Stone & Tile, we offer a large selection of vinyl trim available in a wide palette of colors. You can choose from simple options to full suites of architectural details, including trim elements, accessories, and much more. Vinyl trim gives you the look of wood without the maintenance and ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Similar to wood, vinyl trim molding can be sawed, drilled, nailed, and glued.

    Vinyl trim is an ideal product for many remodeling and new construction projects. Resistant to water, scratches, peeling, and more, versatile trims can be used in a variety of applications. Installing them, you’ll get long life, durability, and performance of the highest quality products. Vinyl trim molding offers efficiency, flexibility, and affordability, making it a great option for new construction or remodel.

    The final piece of any flooring project is the moldings or trim around your room. Flooring vinyl molding is both functional and decorative and is very important to flooring installation. These trims allow the floor to seamlessly join together as it travels through doorways and when joining to the edge of the room. The vinyl molding will complete your flooring project by hiding joints left for expansion and contraction, covering unsightly edges and gaps, and bridging areas where one-floor covering ends and another one begins. It will also enhance the beauty of your floors and provide continuity.

    When selecting molding, you should make sure the molding and baseboard match in style. Simple trim should be paired with the simple baseboard, fancy trim with fancy baseboard. The subtle visual effect of perfectly matched or coordinated vinyl molding and trim will make your floors look sophisticated and satisfyingly complete. We offer several types of flooring molding that can be used to complete your flooring design, including a curved quarter round molding, which can be used to cover the seams or expansion space where the flooring meets with baseboards, steps, and cabinets.

    Vinyl Edge Trim

    Vinyl edge trim is used to cover rough surfaces for both decorative and safety reasons. You can use vinyl edge trim with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, concrete, ceramic wall tile, metal, and glass to add a finishing touch and to cover, seal, and protect exposed edges against the effects of dust, water, wind, and even bugs. You can choose from different heights, widths, and lengths of vinyl edge trim to snugly fit on your project. Vinyl edge trim is a great option for creating a straightforward transitional border along the edges.

    Interior Vinyl Trim Molding

    One of the primary characteristics distinguishing a beautiful room from a basic box is the attention to molding. Vinyl trim is emerging as an interior trim option that can add spice to every room from the ceiling down to the floor. Vinyl trim molding is ideal for trimming interior areas and is well suited for those spaces prone to higher humidity (bathroom, powder room, shower, laundry room, etc.). It can turn an ordinary room into a memorable space and make architectural challenges easy. Interior vinyl trim molding is a relatively inexpensive material with many qualities that make it an excellent choice, including its durability, low cost, and wide range of different designs and options.  

    Our wide array of interior vinyl trim molding shapes and styles gives you virtually unlimited flexibility to embellish, amplify, or even transform your interior space. According to your personal preferences, you can choose from options that offer traditional or more contemporary decorative looks. To create a clean, modern look, use thin trim around open doorways, along the baseboard, and at the juncture of the ceiling and walls. If you want to create a dramatic effect, you can use multiple bands of trim in a room.

    We carry a wide selection of vinyl molding for remodeling projects, offering a full line of trim, including base molding, chair rail, which is a great way to dress up the dining room or other rooms, and more. Installed around a room at approximately the same height as chair backs, chair rail acts as architectural flourishes for added appeal to a wall or room by providing an extra sense of refinement.

    Interior trim is the perfect way to accent your room to put more focus on its best features. You can choose from a wide range of wood species, including hickory, acacia, elm, jatoba, and maple in all shapes and sizes. We have all the styles, patterns, and finishes you need to complete your trim package for interior walls, doors, window sills, corners, and ceilings. Explore our huge selection of vinyl trim and find perfect options to give your rooms more personality!

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