What Is a Basalt Tile?

Basalt tiles are finely crafted from volcanic rock that has been compounded layer upon layer to create a durable, beautifully veined and multi-hued material. Basalt is usually dark gray to black in color, however, lighter gray basalt tiles can create a striking look for your flooring or wall coverings, like the honed gray basalt tile available from Stone & Tile Shoppe.


What Are Basalt Tiles Best Used for?

Durable, versatile basalt tiles are ideal for flooring, integrated kitchen units, and wall coverings. They are naturally hardwearing and resilient enough to be used for exterior decoration. Many interior designers and home decorators select basalt for accent walls and design features because of its striking look.

Basalt is fine-grained and porous with naturally occurring holes, so it can stain when exposed to oil or highly pigmented liquids. We recommend selecting a less porous material for kitchen countertops, such as marble or granite.



Flamed & waterjet finish on basalt tile

Which Finishes Are Available for Basalt Tiles?

You can select from a wide variety of finishes when you buy your basalt tiles from Stone & Tile Shoppe:

  • Honed: A silky smooth honed finish is created by grinding down the stone to remove its top layer, revealing a satin, matte finish. A honed finish will ensure that your tile is slip-resistant and has sufficient traction while providing the durability you need for kitchen and bathroom flooring.
  • Brushed: A matte, naturally worn-down effect is created by sweeping the stone with a wire brush. This provides you with a low-maintenance tile that is easy to clean and fairly slip-resistant, making it ideal for use in kitchens or hallways.
  • Chiseled: Relatively flat and with a riven surface, chiseled basalt tiles have horizontal grooves across the stone for a beautifully textured and rugged look. The rough surface is slip resistant and durable while providing a great design feature for your accent walls and backsplashes.
  • Flamed and waterjet: One of the most popular finishes for basalt tiles, a flamed and waterjet effect provides a slightly textured, soft-toned basalt with softly highlighted tones of coppery red and grey. The finish is not worn down over time or slippery underfoot, so it’s ideal for use in areas of your home with a high footfall, like the kitchen or hallway.

How Do I Choose the Right Basalt Tile for My Project?

The beauty of natural basalt stone is that every tile you lay will be uniquely textured in its own way. Opt for a brushed, dark gray basalt if you want a modern, sleek look or, for a striking texture that draws the eye, choose a flamed and waterjet basalt in a rich, dark hue. If you aren’t sure which tile is right for your project, give our experts a call and we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 877-426-1500 or email sales@stoneandtileshoppe.com.