What Is a Glass Tile?

One of the most eco-friendly and durable options for home tiling, glass tiles bring light and harmony to your environment. They can be bought in bulk and then shaped to suit any design that you like, making it possible to have completely customized tiles on a tight budget. Smaller glass tiles come with a mesh backing to help you keep the pattern consistent and install them quickly.

What Are Glass Tiles Best Used For?

Glass tiles are hugely versatile and can be used for everything from swimming pools and fireplaces to walls, floors, and kitchen backsplashes. When you want to create a sense of light and space, installing glass tiles is a great idea. The tiles catch and reflect light, brightening up dim spaces. You can arrange glass tiles with a variety of finishes together or intersperse them with ceramic tiles to create a unique accent band or border for your backsplash or fireplace.

Which Finishes Are Available for Glass Tiles?

Stone & Tile Shoppe stocks glass tiles in a variety of different finishes to suit your design aesthetic, including:

  • Glossy: Great for easy cleaning and ideal for kitchen splashbacks or shower rooms
  • Etched: A matte, textured finish that adds grip for glass flooring tiles, and interest for wall features or murals
  • Polished: A high-shine finish that is perfect for adding interest to kitchen splashbacks, fireplaces, and wall features.

How Do I Choose the Right Glass Tile for My Project?

Light, delicate and incredibly versatile, glass tiles add interest and a feeling of airy space to your home environment. Opt for an etched glass to add texture and interest as a wall feature or accent, or select a polished or glossy glass tile for use in bathrooms or kitchens. If you aren’t sure which tile is right for your project, give our experts a call and we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 877-426-1500 or email sales@stoneandtileshoppe.com.