What Is a Granite Tile?

Granite tiles are made from natural stone that has a high mineral content. They are sturdy, durable, and heat resistant, as well as being easy to install and requiring hardly any maintenance. Granite tiles typically have attractive veining and marbling running through the stone. Flecks of coppery and silver-colored quartz will catch the light and add interest to your living space, giving an impression of luxury and decadence. Despite being so visually attractive and hardwearing, granite is surprisingly affordable. Prices start from less than three dollars per square meter, making it one of the best options if your home renovation project has a tight budget.

What Are Granite Tiles Best Used For?

Granite tiles are so hardwearing and easy to install that they can be used for practically any home improvement project. The natural stone comes in a huge variety of colors and finishes, giving you almost unlimited scope to design a stunningly beautiful floor, kitchen worktop or shower room that reflects your unique sense of style. Granite won’t scratch easily and is not sensitive to heat, so it’s highly recommended for use in high-footfall areas and busy homes. There’s a huge variety of colors and styles of granite to choose from, with stunningly beautiful pearlized finishes, flecks of gold or shimmering coppery strands. Simply select the granite tile that suits your style.

Which Finishes Are Available for Granite Tiles?

Stone & Tile Shoppe stocks granite tiles in a variety of different finishes to suit your design aesthetic, including:

  • Polished: A high-shine, and scratch and stain-resistant finish that is ideal for use in bathrooms or for kitchen splashbacks
  • Flamed: A subtle, understated finish that adds a slightly rough texture to the tile and causes the stone’s colors to become muted and delicate. Flamed tiles are hardwearing and provide more grip than polished or high-shine tiles, making them ideal for flooring
  • Honed: A silky smooth honed finish is created by grinding down the stone to remove its top layer, revealing a satin, matte finish. Honed tiled are slip resistant and durable enough for kitchen and bathroom flooring
  • River-washed: A unique and rustic finish that creates a natural, textured effect that provides sufficient grip for the tile to be used for flooring. River-washed tiles have an extremely long-lasting finish and require minimal maintenance.

How Do I Choose the Right Granite Tile for My Project?

Durable, heat resistant and hardwearing granite tiles are a great choice for your home renovation project. Opt for a flamed or river washed finish if you are laying flooring to ensure maximum grip, or select a polished or honed finish for beautiful bathroom tiles, kitchen worktops, or fireplace surrounds. If you aren’t sure which tile is right for your project, give our experts a call and we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 877-426-1500 or email sales@stoneandtileshoppe.com.
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What if the warehouse closest to you doesn’t have the item you have selected in stock?

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