What Is an Onyx Tile?

An onyx tile is made from soft, banded stone formed from limestone that has dissolved and been redeposited. The resulting stone has a beautiful variety of colors, textures, and veins, with a structure that seems to shift in the light for a truly mesmerizing look. Onyx is so precious that it has been used to make jewelry and pottery since ancient times, but it can now be used for everything from kitchen backsplashes and bathroom counters to wall tiles. Even within the same box of onyx tiles, you can expect to see extreme color variations, so they are ideal for adding a dramatic focal point to your walls, bar, or fireplace.

What Are Onyx Tiles Best Used For?

Onyx is a soft and porous stone that must be handled and cut with care. It can be fragile and prone to cracks if applied to an uneven surface. That’s why our onyx tiles have a backing mesh that lends them strength and makes them more durable for household renovation purposes. Onyx tiles are absorbent and require frequent resealing, especially if they are being used in a bathroom or kitchen, where they are likely to get splashed with water. However, they are so breathtakingly beautiful and utterly unique that many are willing to accept the ongoing care and maintenance required to enjoy onyx in their homes.

Which Finishes Are Available for Onyx Tiles?

Our onyx tiles have a highly polished finish that allows the light to bounce off the stone’s surface, highlighting the stunning variation of colors, textures, and tones within each tile. The elegance and class of a highly polished onyx tile cannot be overstated. This look does require some maintenance, however, as your onyx should be buffed every couple of years so that it can maintain its spectacular shine, and resealed with an impregnating sealer that is made specifically for porous stone.

How Do I Choose the Right Onyx Tile for My Project?

Onyx tiles are delicate, beautiful, and great for adding a wow factor to your home improvement project. If you aren’t sure which tile is right for your requirements, give our experts a call and we’ll be happy to help. Call us on 877-426-1500 or email sales@stoneandtileshoppe.com.