Because ceramic is such a versatile material with many different options to choose from, you need to ensure that the finish, style, fit, and size of the tile will meet the needs of your home improvement project before purchasing a large number of tiles.

Here are some quick things to check before choosing your ceramic tile:

  • Ensure that the edge is right for the application you need; floors and wall features need tiles with non-rectified edges that allow for slightly larger gaps between them for easier application, whereas kitchen or bathroom tiles with a rectified edge will have less visible grout and reduced staining
  • Choose the right size tile for your space; many tiles come in a variety of sizes and we always recommend starting out with a sample tile to see if it offers the perfect fit
  • Select a polished finish for an attractive kitchen splashback or wall feature. For floor surfaces that require resistance to be non-slip, opt for a matte finish.

Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen Splashbacks, Wall Features, and Bathroom Walls

Choose a ceramic tile with a rectified edge for a neater look and less visible grouting. Opt for a neutral color palette that completes the finished look of your space, with its deep colors and warm, familiar authenticity. The matte Ophelia Arctic Ceramic Tile is a perfect choice for a modern bathroom or kitchen, with its light, soft tones that reflect the warmth of your living space. You could opt for a polished finish to really draw the eye to your beautiful wall feature or kitchen splashback; the Nikita Tonal Ceramic Tile is a truly striking design choice with its undulating layers of tonal gray hues.

Ceramic Tiles for Floors and Wall Features

Choose a ceramic tile with a non-rectified edge that allows for the planks to have slightly larger gaps between them, like the beautiful and durable Ophelia Taupe Ceramic Tile with its soft topcoat and warm, deep colors. Opt for natural, earthy tones, especially if you are using these tiles for flooring, so that they evoke a natural authenticity that blends perfectly with your rustic or contemporary space.

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