Gold Green Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face & Back

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  • Metallic gold-green hues blended with the classic slate gray

  • Suitably hardwearing stone

  • Natural cleft face for an organic textured surface

  • Natural back, in keeping with the stone's rustic charm

  • Great for use both inside and outside the home

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Product Info

    Gold Green slate is a rugged stone with a dark earthy color palette. Slate gray is blended with metallic golds and greens creating a rich colored stone that serves as the perfect contrast to light and bright decor. If you're looking for your ideal exterior tile, Gold Green slate is a great option. It looks exceptional alongside a white painted porch or fence, creating a stylish color clash that gives this classic stone a modern twist. Inside the home, continue the country-inspired look with cream furniture and neutral textiles to balance strength with softness.

    Slate is an incredibly dense, fine-grained stone, that shows little in the way of veining or crystals. There is variation within the shading of the stone, with some displaying strong gray hues, where others show more metallic tones, an irregularity that adds to the stone's natural charm. Each tile is totally unique, but the subtle blend of colors creates an overall consistent gold-green color that can be relied upon throughout the batch.

    Slate is a durable and hardwearing stone that is well known for its ability to resist wear and tear. Once it has been sealed, it is capable of resisting moisture damage and staining making it an ideal stone for use in a busy family environment and areas of the home that are likely to see the most use. When used as kitchen or hallways flooring it can last for decades with the correct maintenance. But slate is also great for external uses such as porches or backyard patios, so its uses should not be restricted to internal applications.

    This slate tile has a natural cleft face which is achieved when the stone is carved into slabs along its fault lines. This is a finish which cannot be manually crafted but instead is borne out of the stone's naturally layered formation. The surface of the tile is textured with grooves and ridges, leaving the stone with that rugged charm that makes slate to special.

    The back of the stone is also left with its natural finish. This means there can be some variation in thickness between the tiles. The tiles are suitable for flooring inside and outside the home, requiring the correct installation to ensure they are level. This is a great value option for those looking to build their design upon a rustic-looking stone.

    A natural cleft face is not only great in terms of its design potential, but it is also incredibly practical. The texture of the surface provides sufficient grip to prevent the tile becoming slippery when wet. It's also incredibly hardwearing, needing little maintenance to ensure it looks its best.

    Gold green slate is great if you're looking for a rustic stone to balance with a soft and subtle design. Inside the home, it creates beautiful country style interiors that will make a home feel cozy and inviting. Used as a porch or backyard patio, it blends seamlessly with its surroundings, highlighting the softness of the shrubs and flowers surrounding it.