Severino Vento Breeze Ceramic Tile - Matte

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Current Price
$3.41  / Sqft
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Severino Sales Sheet

Daltile SKU - SV9610141P2. SV96 Vento Breeze 10141P2

Taking its cue from the tumbling cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Severino is a beautiful mix of travertine and marble looks designed to add visual warmth with its natural beauty. Severino differentiates itself with a rich, stone graphic and an organic color palette. Offered in four colors and seven versatile sizes, including a 2 x 2 pressed mosaic and 2-inch octagonal mosaic, Severino exhibits relaxed sophistication.

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Severino Vento Breeze Ceramic Tile - Matte - 10" x 14"

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Severino Vento Breeze Ceramic Tile - Matte - 10" x 14"

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Product Info
    • Daltile SKU - SV961212Z1PV. SV96 Vento Breeze 1212Z1PV. 12" x 12" Matte Glazed Ceramic Tile

    • Daltile SKU - SV9618181PV. SV96 Vento Breeze 18181PV. 18" x 18" Matte Glazed Ceramic Tile

    • Daltile SKU - SV961818Z1PV. SV96 Vento Breeze 1818Z1PV. 18" x 18" Matte Glazed Ceramic Tile

    • Daltile SKU - SV9610141P2. SV96 Vento Breeze 10141P2. 10" x 14" Matte Glazed Ceramic Tile

      Available Trims:

      • Daltile SKU - SV96S43C91P2. SV96 Vento Breeze S43C91P2. 3" x 12" Bullnose Floor Trim

      • Daltile SKU - SV96S42691P2. SV96 Vento Breeze S42691P2. 2" x 6" Bullnose Wall Trim

      • Daltile SKU - SV96S43101P2. SV96 Vento Breeze S43101P2. 3" x 10" Bullnose Wall Trim

      • Daltile SKU - SV96SN42691P2. SV96 Vento Breeze SN42691P2. 2" x 2" Bullnose Outcorner Wall Trim

      • Daltile SKU - SV96SN43101P2. SV96 Vento Breeze SN43101P2. 3" x 3" Bullnose Outcorner Wall Trim

      • Daltile SKU - SV96A1061P2. SV96 Vento Breeze A1061P2. 1" x 6" Quarter Round

      • Daltile SKU - SV96UC1061P2. SV96 Vento Breeze UC1061P2. 1" x 1" Quarter Round Outcorner

          • Pre-Consumer Recycled Materials

          • Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

          • Made In The U.S.A.

          • Reveal Imaging

          • Contemporary take on a classic stone look in four natural colors

          • Smooth travertine and marble graphics achieved through

          • Reveal Imaging® technology

          • Decorative wall accent, mosaics and trim coordinate with floor and wall tile

          • Organic color palette that harmonizes any space

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