how to install quarter round

How to Install Quarter Round Molding

Quarter round molding is typically installed between baseboards and the floor to hide gaps and imperfections at the base. It is inexpensive, easy to install, and sure to give such a clean and professional finish to your floors.

In this article, you’ll find pro tips on how to install quarter-round trim to add a finishing touch to your laminate or engineered wood flooring.

Installing Quarter Round Molding: Instructions

Looking to install laminate flooring? Don’t forget about coordinating wood trim moldings that will add a decorative touch to your new floor and give it a `finish with flair. You will find an extensive selection of quarter-round trim in our shop.

Installing quarter-round molding helps you make a gracefully smooth transition from the vertical baseboard to the horizontal floor and cover any gaps. It will give the base perimeter of a room a finished look in a variety of room styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Follow these instructions to install quarter-round moldings as a pro.

Measure and Mark the First Trim Piece

If you measure, cut, and install the trim one piece at a time, it will be easier to avoid mistakes. When you begin with a piece that will fit an outside corner, you should position the piece of molding across the wall and mark the molding ends with a pencil where it intersects the wall. And if you start with inside corners, you should measure the wall’s full length and then mark the molding to these exact dimensions for a tight fit.

Miter-Cut the First Piece of Molding

First, set the handsaw or miter saw blade to 45 degrees. Then place the trim piece on the miter box or saw base, and make sure the blade just touches the pencil mark. Make your first cut and after that, reverse the saw to cut 45-degrees for the other end of the trim. If you are using a miter box, turn the molding around to cut an opposite 45-degree angle.

Test-Fit the First Piece

Place the first molding piece in its position on the wall and check its length. If it is too long, it’s possible to use a sharp blade to remove the excess material and make the molding fit exactly. Do not fasten it yet because you may want to move it while installing the second piece.

install quarter round

Cut the Second Piece, and Test Fit It

Measure, mark, and cut the second piece of trim at the correct angle. Then, you’ll need to check the length of the piece and see how it fits with the first piece.

Nail the First Two Pieces

Attach the molding to the baseboard using a hammer or a nailer and nails. It’s best to use a brad nailer because it will automatically set or recess small finish nails. This way, it can significantly speed up your work.  If you hand nail, you should drive each nail almost flush with the quarter round and tap it in below the surface using a set and the hammer.

Continue Around the Room

Continue measuring, cutting, and nailing quarter-round pieces around the room, one piece at a time, until you have covered the length of the baseboard. It’s important to make sure you nail the quarter-round to the wall and not the floor.

How to Install Quarter Round Molding: Helpful Tips

  • Always install these moldings by nailing them directly into the wall—pre-drill nail holes before nailing to eliminate any splitting.
  • You should never restrict the natural expansion/contraction movement by nailing molding into the floor.
  • Be very careful to avoid driving your nail at a downward angle and to avoid hitting the laminate wood flooring.
  • Use color-coordinated putty to fill the countersunk nail heads. Make sure that the nail holes are completely covered and allow the putty to dry fully.

Final Word

Installing quarter-round trim is an elegant solution that costs little and gives your floors a precise, polished look. We do suggest this as a good DIY project that can diversify your carpentry skill set and help you save some money.

If you are planning a home renovation, at Stone & Tile, you’ll find a huge selection of wood quarter round molding that will add a rounded shape and dimension to the transitions between walls and floors. You may also want to explore our collection of baby threshold moldings that are ideal for transitioning between floors of different heights and can be installed where quarter-round moldings are not a good fit.
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