Wood Trim

By incorporating interior wood trim and molding, you can make a huge design statement in your home because it has a natural appeal that can liven up your home. We offer an extensive selection of decorative house trim and molding to suit traditional and modern style homes. Explore our selection and choose from different types of woods!

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  • Wood trim is an element of architectural design that is mostly aesthetic. It comes in a variety of shapes and styles, from traditional to detailed and unique. Wood trim and molding are some of the final elements that tie your space together, and they can make a big difference to an interior space. When it comes to wood trim styles, you are really limited only by your imagination.

    Wood Molding

    Wood is the most popular and traditional trim option. It’s lightweight, easy to paint, and flows naturally with your walls. By choosing the right wood molding, you can enhance the beauty of your home design. If you plan on installing new hardwood or laminate wood flooring, a simple way to increase the value of your home is by installing wood molding that can provide a unique architectural feature to your home. It is easy to install, making it the perfect do-it-yourself project.

    Decorative wood molding can create a seamless transition from one room to the next. Because wood is such a highly versatile material, it’s an excellent choice for moldings. It can also be tailored to unique preferences and architectural styles to create attractive yet subtle transitions from one room to the next. Moldings come in various styles and designs, an assortment of popular wood species that include oak, cherry, hickory, maple, mahogany, walnut, and hundreds of profiles.

    Decorative Wood Trim

    Decorative wood molding can create a unique and interesting texture in your home space, and it will look like you had a home designed by an interior designer. Express your style with our wide variety of wood trim and decorative wood molding. You can use it to smooth transitions between ceiling and wall or along archways while adding depth and decoration to your home. With so many types of decorative wood trim available for your home, you can create a wide range of highly decorated or subtle looks.

    Wood Floor Molding

    Are you starting a new hardwood flooring project? Don’t forget about trims and moldings because they are small additions that have a big impact on the overall look of your floor and how well it functions. The purpose of molding and trim is to give the floor a professional, finished appearance.

    Floor trim, or baseboard molding, is the decorative piece of wood that runs along the base of the walls in your home. The baseboard molding hides gaps that can be left between the drywall and floor and between the flooring and the wall. Wood floor molding will add a finishing touch to your engineered wood flooring and enhance your interior space. It gives any room a clean, finished aesthetic. Moldings also protect areas that get a lot of wear, such as step edges, and the result is gorgeous floors that look flawlessly finished.

    Wood floor molding covers the spaces between flooring and the wall and protects the edging of carpets and flooring from damage, providing a refined visual appearance. It provides a visual “stop” and keeps dirt from getting under walls. Besides, wood floor molding prevents vermin and insects from getting into the house and prevents the bottom edge of the wall from getting broken. You can also install wood quarter round for hardwood floors as they are one of the most common types of molding used.

    Molding and trim add a decorative element to any space and smooth the transition from wall to either floor or ceiling. They can turn a plain square room into a true showpiece. Wood floor molding with decorative features can add character to your walls or serve as a perfect complement to your hardwood flooring. If you are planning a home renovation, you may also want to explore our selection of baby threshold used to transition from hard surface floors to carpet, fireplaces, or sliding doors.
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