Installing Click Lock Vinyl Flooring: Useful Tips

Installing Click Lock Vinyl Flooring: Useful Tips

If you are looking for elegant modern flooring that is suitable for high traffic areas, vinyl click flooring is a good choice because it’s durable and water- and slip-resistant. Besides, it’s easy to install, so it makes a good option for DIY homeowners. At our store, we offer vinyl click flooring in various looks and styles, as well as different types of vinyl trim molding.

Installing click lock vinyl flooring will save you some money and give you the satisfaction of having installed your own flooring. Read this quick guide to find out how to get started.

Installing Vinyl Click Flooring: Follow These Easy Instructions

The process of installing vinyl click flooring is very similar to the process of installing a laminate floor. Due to its simple click-installation system, vinyl click flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring you can self-install.

First of all, you need to acclimate the vinyl planks by just opening the boxes. Allow them to sit at a constant temperature between 65° and 85°F for 48 hours or more. Prepare the tools that you’ll need for installation, such as tape measure, utility knife, T-square, chalk line, 1/4” spacers, hammer and tapping block, spirit level, ruler, pencil,

Then prepare your sub-floor for installation. You can install vinyl over concrete, OSB, or plywood, and tile. If installing over a concrete subfloor, you’ll want to sand or level any imperfections. Anything over 2mm should be evened out before installing your vinyl click flooring. You should sweep or vacuum the substrate to remove all dust and debris.

Next, you need to fit your vinyl click flooring underlay that will absorb shock and make your flooring more comfortable underfoot, providing a smooth layer upon which to install your flooring.

Now set the first plank in the corner of the room, working from left to right. You should use spacers to ensure there is a 10mm expansion gap from the wall. Use the tapping block and rubber mallet as you continue laying the flooring to tap the planks into a locked position.

When you come up to a wall and need to cut a plank to ensure you have your 7-10mm gap, you can simply measure the space and mark on the plank where you need to cut. If it’s necessary, tap your planks lightly with your rubber mallet to ensure they are flush and properly clicked in place.

Set the plank into the previous row at a slight angle to ensure that it slides into place and interlocks correctly. Continue moving down the room and ensurу that the planks are interlocked, and all the seams have a tight fit. Add spacers every few feet around the edges of the flooring and remove them when installation is complete.

When you finish installation, remove spacers from the perimeter of the room. You can use a brad nailer to install your finishing trim moldings to cover the expansion gap.

Follow our tips on installing click lock vinyl flooring, and you can ensure your self-installation is quick and simple.
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